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    Quote Originally Posted by Reg
    Drummers seem to have changed how they imply swing feels, at least from the early days... Another discussion...
    Ahhhhhh - drummers! The more they change, the more they stay the same. So much to play, so little time


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    I do not know if you can learn to swing or not. It seems like, you have to think about music differently to swing. When I say think, I mean what you are hearing in you mind. There is a certain thing… it is not even thinking rhythm… or counting. It is thinking an evolving feel. It is not one thing or the other.. it is range of things, where some choices are better then others. IDK

    The only other thing that I did not see mentioned, is someone has to start that feeling.. with musical communication it might change but it has to settle into a flexible backbone, and inform the choices that are made.

    So much in music is about it feeling right. I think we reduce that to words to be able to carry that knowledge with us, but that is abstracted from the real experience…

    IDK , these are just my limited experiences and thoughts.

    The cultural and historical stuff, I do not have any deep insights into it. I do believe if people can not learn to truly love themselves and others, we will never have the empathy to create a just world. So many people needlessly suffer, and that has become acceptable, and the benefits of that suffering is taken by others. Many of the others create that suffering to benefit. The ones who benefit throwout endless excuses, but the truth remains that there is no legitimate reason.

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    I have jammed with more than a couple purple guys and they were @$$holes. And don't fall for that "aubergine" BS either.