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    Hi, Z,
    99.9% of all pain issues are technique related, especially, if you're playing a few hours a day. Most Jazz guitarists have never been taught how to hold the guitar properly or educated on what are the best hand positions for ease of playing. I play both Classical and Jazz guitars but I use the same Classical technique on both instruments . . . including a footstool. And, the wider the neck, the more the player must pay attention to his technique or everything goes South. You might want to take a few lessons from a Classical Guitar teacher to learn proper technique that will improve your stamina and avoid pain. I once was practicing 4 hours a day for a concert and developed a brutal nerve pain in the tip of my "a" finger--left hand. I went to a teacher friend of mine and asked him to watch me play and my left-hand position was sloppy(too oblique to the fretboard) . . . causing the pain. I stopped playing 4 days before the event and corrected my LH hand position on the day of the concert and everything went well. I hope this helps you.


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    I play 7 string too and I don't have any issues since changing to a more upright position about five years ago. I always sit when playing.

    Here is the position, but with my six string.