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    This just in:

    Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar - DVDs & Downloads Sale from September 26th-October 2nd

    Copied from the email body:

    DVD lessons: $19.95 each

    Lasse Johannson
    GW991 Early Jazz for Fingerstyle Guitar
    Tony McManus
    GW1018 Not Necessarily Celtic
    John Renbourn
    GW917 The Jazz Tinge
    Duck Baker
    GW313 Fingerstyle Swing Guitar
    GW920 Swing to Bop
    GW921 Bop to Modern
    GW922 Improvisation
    GW948 Music of Thelonious Monk
    Sandy Shalk
    GW1022 Fingerstyle Jazz in DADGAD
    GW1031 Further Adventures in DADGAD
    Pat Donohue
    GW924 Rags To Rock
    GW942 Jazz Classics Volume One
    GW943 Jazz Classics Volume Two
    Rolly Brown
    GW1034 Exploring Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar
    Ernie Hawkins
    GW1000 Music of Louis Armstrong
    GW1003 Music of Bix Beiderbecke
    Craig Wagner
    GW954 The Art of Solo Fingerstyle Guitar
    Martin Taylor
    GW307 Martin Taylor Jazz Guitarist
    GW937 Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar
    GW956 Music of Duke Ellington
    GW957 Music of Jimmy Van Heusen

    All the above are available as Physical Products
    and Direct Downloads.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Thanks for posting this. I can't seem to contact 'support' on the web site so, do you happen to know if the download version includes the pdf files? The wording on the site seems to suggest that the physical DVD does but not sure if the download does.

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    I've only ever bought download versions from them, and they always included PDF files. I wouldn't be surprised if the downloads are identical regardless of what you buy.

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    Thanks, I've downloaded a couple of the lessons and they do include the pdf. All good there. However I still can't get the 'contact support' to work so another question - sorry.

    Did your download include actually downloading the video lesson? I was only given a link so must go to the web site to view the lesson vs having the DVD for local viewing.