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    hello everybody,

    I would like to know is it possible to play the figure presented on this sheet/picture:
    (it is from 2/4 musical piece)

    Untitled — ImgBB

    on guitar?

    speed should be ~ 125 bpm

    i do presume that tapping might be a correct technique for this (although i am by no means competentent enough to say so).

    if it is possible i would like to hear how this sounds on guitar, if it is not problem for somebody to post.

    thank you for your interest!


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    I think in first position, using open strings , it shouldn’t be too hard to finger. Of course you should play the grace notes as hammer-ons and pul-offs. Problem‘s the tempo.

    Semiquavers at 125 bpm are pretty sportive to begin with. With all the grace notes, that adds up to I don’t know - 64ths? Might as well play a glissando, nobody can hear that fast.

    Who writes that sort of stuff anyway?

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    Are those slurs or ties?

    Ordinarily, a tie connects two consecutive notes of the same pitch. A slur connects notes of different pitches, denoting that they're played smoothly with no silence.

    But, the notes in the middle are grace notes. I'm not sure how that is handled. Never seen it that I can recall.

    If they're slurs, it's not bad.

    If they're tied notes, so, for example, you have to hold the first note tied to the third, while interposing the second on a different string, it's tricky. Not difficult on piano, but rough on guitar.

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    Having input that measure into Finale to hear what it sounds like, I can't imagine any instrument playing it accurately at 125.


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    A good recorder player maybe (if their bragging about being the fastest players is in any way justified)?

    Could we know what piece this is (and why there's a natural sign to the last G )?

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    There's a natural sign on the last G to nullify the flat that appears on the previous set of grace notes.


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    and why there's a natural sign to the last G )

    I think it cancels flat sign on G in appogiatura before.

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    With all appogiaturas I think it is impossible at 1/4=125 bpm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonah
    I think it cancels flat sign on G in appogiatura before.
    It does indeed. Doh, my eyes must have gotten misaligned

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    The fingering in the open position is not difficult but at tempo would be quite challenging. Playing it cleanly and strictly in time at 125 bpm would be possibly impossible, since these are (incorrectly written, IMO, they should not be 1/8 notes) grace notes on 16th notes. Is this actually two voices rather than one?

    However, the guitar is a transposing instrument and the composer may want that played at the actual pitch, rather than the octave down that would occur playing it in the open position. It would be much harder to finger this up the neck, at least for me.

    Maybe Yngwie Malmsteen could pull it off? FwLineBerry's comment here is also relevant; this might not be playable on any instrument.

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    FwLineBerry's comment here is also relevant; this might not be playable on any instrument.
    maybe virtouso pianist or maybe violinist playing on one bow could handle it? Probably because of tempo it will sound rather as 32 triplets.

    Only I am not sure what for... all these graces with flats will be hardly audible...

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    I think the OP should simply tell us where this comes from.

    If this is a written out ornamentation in a "modern" composition it should probably be played (largely) as written, but if this were from say 17th century Italian music you'd be able to take a lot of freedom (cf. Enrico Gatti's interpretation of the famous 2 sonatas by Dario Castello where he probably plays faster than what's written).

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    Hmmmm, had a few goes and I think I got it, heres an mp3:

    cick here