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    For the 45 years I have played guitar the one thing that I believe has held me back more than any other is my inability to pick fast. I just can't play those fast Charlie Parker lines in time with the CD no matter what I try. My left hand is capable of much more but my right can't keep up.
    I have found a little trick that works on some really easy stuff, or short lines that contain very little string crossing, and that is a kind of mandolin picking, that fast tremolo that mandolin players use. To do this I pick exclusively from the wrist. But as I say, it is not good for complex passages as it lacks precision.

    More than anything I wrote this as a curiosity to discover if this is also a bugbear of my peers. I also wrote this as an encouragement to some who may need it as my lack of speed has not prevented me from having a professional career playing the guitar - although I only play weekend gigs today. (The thought of packing up guitar amps at 3 AM fills me with dread!) Weddings and corporate gigs are my limit today.

    Are there many others in our community who have had to learn to cope with a less than breakneck upper tempo? I would love to hear from you.


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    The fish in my office don't seem to mind.