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    Quote Originally Posted by AlsoRan
    Now this is a different angle on this topic. Interesting...
    Maybe it explains the reason why the round edge feels simply a better choice for some of us.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Quote Originally Posted by mr. beaumont
    I started doing this a few years ago. Not sure if it helped me with speed, but it's a much fatter sound.

    Actually, now for a month or two I've been using the "Golden Gate" picks, which are basically round...all shoulder.
    Those are interesting picks.

    Here's a guy using one to do something like Benson picking. (He says he learned his picking from Richie Hart at Berklee.)

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    Fun to read through this thread as I've used the shoulder of Fender 351 picks for years. Lately I've tried and liked the rounded tip picks from Dunlop (tortex) and BlueChip (Kenny Smith). All 3 tips of the BC KS work!

    Using Rounded Shoulders of the Pick - Thanks for the tip whoever you were...-picks-jpg

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    It’s worth remembering that Wes and Jim Mullen use/used the rounded side of the thumb. No point at all. The objective is tone and phrasing. Not speed.

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    I have been using Golden Gate Mando Picks for years. They are Great!!! You will hear a bigger Sound and like it me thinks. Not 35$ each either.

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    I have been using the pointed end of Ultex 1.14 picks, until recently. One of my favorite players, Guthrie Trapp, revealed that he uses the rounded shoulder. Also Tom Bukovac (he uses both ends)... I have tried to play with the rounded shoulder, but it's just not all that natural for me... I like the precision of the point. Heck, I even play "sharps" which have a pointier point! LOL

    But about 6 months ago (actually it might have been a year; my perception of time has gotten worse as I get older, and 2020 was "the year that wasn't" lol...) ANYWAY... for some reason, I tried an Ultex 2.0. It is so thick, that the EDGES (not the shoulders, but the actual edge/side of the pick) are rounded, because that's how they make them. So, in effect, the point of a 2.0 sounds like the shoulder of a 1.14. So I get the fatter tone of the shoulder, but the accuracy of the point. I have found it to be the best of both worlds for me.

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    I’ve tried everything.
    Thumb = best tone and musical phrases but no damping or cut through sound. Upstroke horribly difficult.
    Pointy picks = speed but very hard to make a decent tone. Often makes you over play and get into the widdle widdle stuff.
    Pick shoulder feels cumbersome and tends to touch the adjacent strings.
    I now have settled on JD 207 jazz USA. A big fat pick with a very rounded tip. The quality of the plastic material is really excellent and almost organic feeling. They last forever. Definitely make a nice tone with these. Highly recommend.
    PS try sticking some woolly side up Velcro to one side of the pick. Gives a great feeling of control and stability. Hold it against the thumb.