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    Sorry if the thread title is misleading...
    Teach me how to play these cool harmonics like Steve Wariner does here at 0.52“ for example:


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    They are not tapped.
    He played flageolets (is that English?).
    In stead of playing one on the 12th fret, with one finger gently against the string and picking the string with your right hand, you play a chord or a note with your left had, place one fingertip gently on the string 12 steps up (indexfinger f.i.) and pluck with another one.

    If you want one on the highest string, say an F, you press a finger on the F and do this technique on the 13th fret.

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    Can't really hear what he's doing but it sounds like he's rippling down and then back up across the strings alternating between harmonics and notes. If you barre with your index at 5th position (Am7), then pick the E (6th) string with your thumb while lightly touching the same string with your right hand index finger at 17th position you get the false harmonic. Now pick the 3rd string with your second finger, which will sound a C note. Repeat the process moving down the strings. Pick the A (5th) string to produce the false harmonic in exactly the same manner followed by E note on the second string and so on. You are only using your thumb, index and middle finger.

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    Flageolets :

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    It’s usually called harp harmonics. Lenny Breau was a master at it.

    Here’s how to do it:

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    Thanks @all, you guys solved a mystery

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    Jody Fisher: