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    Found playing straight helped avoid a chopped feel but triplet feel helped retain the pocket (sorry for the rocking lol). How do you draw the line? Tempo? Length of the phrase?


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    nothing wrong with a nice triplet feel, but dont attack every note. slur/hammer into the beat. try playing as much from the solo as possible without ever attacking a note on the beat. think of the beat as a landing point, not a starting point.

    edit: and another thing. record yourself playing the solo slow and then speed it up for listening. that'll give you an idea with how much of a triplet feel you can get away with at higher tempos. (imo it's much more than most people think, if you do it right)
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    Thanks for the input. I found the 9 bar phrase in the second run most challenging to get the feel right while using what you're suggesting with the hammer-ons landing on the beat. Granted original is 184 and this is 160 bpm but upon listening to the original it seemed to me he was phrasing it closer to straight than the rest allowing it to "flow". Particularly challenging for me is alternating straight 8th vs triplet 8th while staying in the pocket. I like the idea of playing back at a higher tempo for checking.