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    Say if you're comping for a singer and during the rests between chords you mute the strings and strum up and down for a percussive effect to keep the groove going.

    Any thoughts on this? I can't recall hearing it a lot or at all in jazz guitar (although there's a hell of a lot I still haven't heard!) Maybe not something you'd do if you wanted to closely approximate a definite period sound?

    (I'm thinking electric guitar and nothing excessive - like two consecutive eight notes)
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    Its something that could work, if not overdone...overdone, I could hear it getting tiresome fast.

    Would probably be better off in a pop of funk/r&b type thing...

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    Jake Reichbart who will have his say I am sure is a master at this. It seems he could play any tune with this technique (correct me if I am wrong Jake, well maybe not slow ballads). I'd like to know where the percussive stroke can lend rhythmically and if it is possible to ring notes in the same time. Anyone?

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    Bossa guitarists do it all the time.