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    This is a weird one...

    I'm half way through doing a 30-day spider exercise challenge to improve finger independence. Do you ever feel that you really struggle with a certain movement that should in theory be relatively easy? instrument ringtone
    There's a line in Laid to rest by Lamb of god that goes 8 7 5 4 on the D string, which I play with fingers 4 3 1 1
    The bit I struggle with is going 5 4 with my 1st finger. Surely this is one of the easiest fretting moves on guitar lol, but I can't seem to do it at the required tempo.
    I'm not sure if it's because of tension, or if it's a mental thing.
    Have you ever had such a problem? Guitar Revized: Download Ringtone Guitar Revized Free For Mobile
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    those spider exercises are just the worst. you'll only hurt yourself. practice something you can actually use on the bandstand.

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    I had problems like that, and yes, it was because of tension. Soon after I started focusing on beeing relaxed when doing any kind of exercise or playing music the problem dissapeared. Start slow, put your metronome on 60bpm, 50% of focus should be on beeing relaxed, and 50% on the exercise. Then slowly increase your tempo.

    PS, I think that the spider exercise is great for working on finger independence and as a warm up. But as said by @djg, don’t force it too much, it’s better to work on things that you can use in music.


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    Warm up slowly and try to make every note or chord sound clear

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    Not too lang ago it seemed as if I was losing control of my ring finger. I noticed it most when playing chords on acoustic. It's like there was a slight delay in response time happening.

    I've since switched back to playing electric almost exclusively and haven't noticed the problem lately. It could be due to less effort required to fret the electric.


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    Sometimes after playing acoustic rhythm for an hour or so, then not playing for an hour or so and then playing again, my thumb seems to cramp, and I can't move it. I can restore movement by massaging it with my right hand, but it often comes back quickly. I haven't done that for several months, though.

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    I have a problem with my left hand cramping and it's a stop immediately situation.

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    It's probably a problem of having unresolved tension, or some other technique problem. One thing to try is playing everything at a much slower speed, focusing on playing effortlessly and in a relaxed manner. Try doing it with economy, minimal motion and volume. No tension or even effort should be happening. Then you can slowly raise the tempo.

    I don't really like finger exercises, prefer more musical things to practice. And they are a pretty common cause of injury, so be careful with your hands!

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    I've been battling trigger fingers in each hand for the past few years, it's been an awful struggle, guitar-wise. Surgery soon. Never play through pain, hand-wise! What I found is that it forced me to think linear-wise, up and down on every string. I realized how much I had missed by forcing myself into "boxes" and "patterns" instead of "notes" all these years.

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    My right hand between the thumb, index, and middle finger get a bit sore and cramped. However my is from riding my road bike 50 miles a day and change gears hundreds of times. So far it does not effect my playing but I don't want to stop playing or riding my bike. Actually the worst thing is small paper cuts left hand fingers. They can be sore so avoid those.