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    Do any of you have tips for finding a good strumming pattern when you begin learning a song? What do you do when you begin playing a song for the first time in a while but can't remember the strumming pattern you used and can't find a new one?


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Hey... have you ever checked out basic Rhythmic styles...

    Basic 4/4 and variations
    5 basic Rock rhythms and ballads
    Waltz (and orchestral version)
    jazz Waltz
    Basic Latin patterns
    Cha cha
    Bossa and variations
    5/4 and other complex or odd times

    There is a phone app...Drumgenius, that is popular.... I have and use it. When we use to gig I would use at gigs to show drummers etc... what feel I wanted for head arrangements...

    It's a great feel reference...

    On arrangements I generally actually notate out feels on top of parts... for general reference info etc...

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    +1 on Drumgenius, very useful. Search for “comping patterns”, “comping rhythms”, etc. and you’ll find stuff. Welcome!

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    Sounds like a question from a beginner (which we all were once), some of this stuff can get overwhelming...what songs are you trying to learn?