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    Peter asked me to remove this posting. Sorry.
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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Wow! It is comprehensive, no doubt about that.

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    Well, I did post the contents and you had a chance to look at them so I'm sorry you felt the need to make this posting. It's a complicated process with George Benson's name and trademark associated with the ongoing effort so IMO, it's not fair to criticize and honestly, benson has spoken out on numerous occasions about the value and content of these books so at this point, i would think that carries some weight. You could also reach out to peter and take a lesson or two personally instead of making what I consider to be a somewhat vindictive and derogatory posting.

    Quote Originally Posted by NickES345
    Jack, sorry to see that the table of contents of these books is again a secret. I hope you don’t think my concerns are too unreasonable, but when I hear that a product

    • will change my life
    • but we can’t give you details
    • has video testimonials devoid of details
    • is priced ten times what similar products cost
    • will only be on sale for one week
    • is only on sale at one place

    then I can’t help feeling wary. Buyer’s remorse hasn’t bothered me for $20-$30 books that didn’t live up to the hype, but the price of the Farrell books changes that game for me. I’m sure others will have no such qualms and simply rely on the Benson imprimatur. I truly wish you, Farrell, George and everyone success. I’ll quit whining now about wanting information before purchasing and I do thank you for trying to provide it - thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NickES345
    Jack - I wasn’t trying to be vindictive, just apprehensive, and I ended my post by wishing everyone well. But I now understand how it might be read differently. I still wish everyone well and will not raise such questions again. Sorry.
    well the reason I took it that way was that peter and his team was hesitant to release the TOC because there have been a lot of haters and negative comments and they didn't want to expose the work to that and your posting will be seen as the same type of comment. I have played many times with Dan Wilson and am personal friends with Rodney Jones who are two of the other fabulous benson-influenced jazz guitarists and they both have their own educational works available but neither of them has partnered with George and literally been handed the baton by George as you can see in some of the publicity photos for the book. Strange to me that there is such negative energy surrounding this whole thing and I completely understand Peter being gun-shy.