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    I'm a keyboard player and lately I've been studying the nuts and bolts of various funk-oriented styles, what keys/range are used on instruments like the clavinet, synths, and especially what sounds good with the wahwah pedal effects,although here it's often difficult to tell what's being played due to the pedals' distortion...

    Fairly knowledgeable about chords and voicings and usually can figure out what's being played on a given track, or at least come up with a close approximation without actually having the score to see exactly what's going on. ..

    Happened to hear something the other day on TV in the background, grabbed my tape recorder and was able to get a little of it... instead of keyboard the comping pattern is being played by electric guitar w/wahwah, sounds like the kind of thing Pete Cosey, Dominique Gaumont,Reggie Lucas etc used to play with Miles Davis back in his 70's Agharta period....

    The bass line is hitting 1-4-5 in C pentatonic minor and over this the guitarist is playing 2 chords with F and G on top..i download guitar ringtones free

    Not being a guitarist, although familiar with power chords and the way these are voiced on guitar, I'd appreciate any info/ideas about what notes might be in the guitar chords, on keyboard it sounds like it might be Bb Eb F to Bb Eb G around middle C....

    Much thanks for taking the time to read this,all replies greatly appreciate
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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    sorry need more info
    or post it ...

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    and welcome

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    Yea maybe from those years.... I'm old, even played in a few of the Miles groups. But on guitar probable some type of vamp on a C-11 or F9sus groove. There's lots of room to stretch and expand using pentatonic harmony, licks and patterns... also very guitar friendly.

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    Would need to hear it to hear what register the guitar is in.

    Just hold your phone up to the recorder and post a 10 second clip or something.

    There's lots of ways to play funk on guitar...

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    Might be something like rootless F11 to rootless F13

    x x 13 12 11 13 and x x 13 14 15 15

    Eb G Bb F to Eb A D G