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    Hi All,
    So, I bought a new guitar in earlier winter this year. I came with very new looking Elixir PB Nanowebs, a string I am VERY familiar with as I used them almost exclusively for several years straight, around 10 years actually.

    Anyway, the guitar is a folk sized (classical sized really) spruce top, mahogany b/s, for context. I wasn't a huge fan of the sound right away, but the main problem was getting it to sound in tune, even if it said it was in tune it sounded off. Guitar tones
    The big problem was when I would use a capo, which I usually use a capo, it would knock some strings sharp and others flat it seemed. I use a Shubb, so it had the right tension, and I would try a number of different things with the capo and I tried a different capo, same thing, I could hardly stand to play it as it always sounded out of tune, I was spending more time trying to fine tune the **** thing then playing it. I should also mention I filed the nut slots down myself, maybe I botched it? I have good files, maybe not a good hand?
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    Thats what I was thinking until I just changed the strings a couple days ago to regular Daddario 80/20, I thought a brighter string on the hog would work better. It's a night and day difference with the sound, to my ears, but not just that, the weird thing is I am having no intonation problems! I have been using the capo all over the place and haven't noticed ANY weird tuning sounds, where it was literally constant before. I haven't tuned it since changing the strings and stretching them out, everyone I put a capo on, either the 1st or 5th, it sounds just fine.
    The Elixirs were not worn out, not even corroded.

    Is this normal? Am I losing my mind?
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    Hmmm.... all I know is that the high e and b string on my ES-125 often lose correct intonation after a few months (sometimes 2 months, more often like 4-6 months). When I put new ones on, the intonation is correct again.

    Tuning problems when using a capo is not unheard of. In my experience high frets and a hard squeezing capo often cause problems.

    Maybe it is a tension/material thing? Maybe the Elixers are softer and get pressed/bent harder by the capo?

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    Strings can certainly affect intonation. Different gauges, different materials, make a difference. With an archtop, especially one with a tune-o-matic saddle, it's easy enough to correct the intonation. With a flat-top, it's not at all easy. The OP doesn't specify what type of guitar is being discussed, but I take it to be a flat-top. It's possible to file the saddle to change the intonation slightly, but it's not easily reversible. I would probably just use the strings that sound the best, and I have never liked Elixir strings. But that's just my preference.

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    Strings do not stretch evenly, especially if you bend. Some brand new sets can have bad intonation, though this is rare. I think you've answered your own question: the strings were worn and a new set wasn't.

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    New strings can’t fix intonation issues, but bad strings can cause intonation issues.