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    30 Pushups and Squats, three times a week.

    Seriously, I've been playing 40 years, and I still play exercises, based on what I think I need work on at the time.

    Right now, I'm doing the warmup exercises from Scott Tennant's "Pumping Nylon", but on an archtop acoustic with a pick, not classical.

    And I found an Allen Hanlon book of Kreutzer Violin Studies for guitar - I'm working on #3. It's great for moving around the neck and there's actually some potential for lines based on the patterns.

    I'm doing both of these daily right now.

    does anyone here still do "exercises"?-673403df-003e-43e4-bbbc-83d903c464fe-jpegdoes anyone here still do "exercises"?-18867c51-e760-4f67-abac-7df5337fc499-jpeg


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    With the exception of a few rare musicians, technique is an ongoing pursuit in a serious musicians life. Maestro Segovia was known to practice 5 hours a day while in his 80's. Coltrane was known to practice and gig all day, every day. Do you think they knew something? Here's a great list of practice tips by Wynton Marsalis. Good playing . . . Marinero

    Wynton Marsalis' 12 Tips on How to Practice: For Musicians ..



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    Tennant's book is a gem.

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    For disciplined 8th note studies (which I'm very remiss about doing, but I'm making myself now), and to master the fingerboard in a practical jazz-usage way I love Barry Galbraith's Fingerboard Workbook. It's not boring like scale/arpeggio drills, but incorporates them in common jazz phrases, and it's all 8th notes, so good for your chops.

    When I studied with Barry, ca '81-82, I wanted something to help my right hand. He had an interesting comment: he was getting feedback that it helped the left hand. I can see why: there's a lot of 1st and 4th finger shifting, and you can take the studies in many positions.

    I'm also interested in his Bach 2-part Inventions that he arranged in guitar-friendly keys.

    The publisher years ago was Weybridge. I'm sure they're in print, probably with a different publisher...