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    Hi Jazz Guitarists!

    Here is a link to my latest FREE lesson "Complete Guide to Arpeggios for Guitar".


    This lesson teaches you

    • The difference between the three main arpeggio chord types
    • Two-octave fingerings for each arpeggio
    • Single octave fingerings for each arpeggio
    • Arpeggio rhythms applied to static chords
    • Arpeggio rhythms applied to ii-V-I progressions
    • Etudes
    • Much more!

    This one took a while, so I hope that you enjoy it and find it useful!

    Play Better Jazz Guitar Chords in 30 Days

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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    thanks for the time and effort jamiei think in terms of triads now not arpeggios - it may seem like a merely verbal difference - but like many things that seem this way - it isn't merely verbalmy inspiration for this triad approach was a few garrison fewell vid's where he spends a lot of time unpacking the significance of a couple of classic wes ideas. i've been extrapolating from this for the last five years or so - still just focusing on minor 7th and melodic minor triad extensions. i'll do a thing on it at some point - in my view it is way way better (closer to the actual music) than an arpeggio based approach.thanks again

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    what is going on with the formatting??