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    I know this has been mentioned in various threads but I can't find one in recent years dedicated to it (apologies if my searching failed to locate the one you all know about . As part of my 'summer of practice' I've taken some stuff to heart and realized my picking is poor so this book/screamed at me from my shelf of similar instructional guides I've bought over the years and not worked through. Am just starting on Exercise one and wondered if anyone here has gone through it all and if so, what they feel the benefits for them were long term?

    Am particularly keen to hear from those who feel as I do, that exercises and picking in particular are some of the less appealing parts of playing guitar. I know it's good for me, but so is spinach. I have no ambition to play with the speed of Bob but I would like to cure some silly habits I've acquired that make my picking at speed sloppy and tightfisted in equal measure, but rarely in the same measure. Anyway, interested in learning from those who came before me....


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    I did some years back. I still play a few of the Wohlfahrt etudes (#1 and #2) from memory as warm ups.

    I think the material is fine, especially the material on double stops in the second half. But my picking technique was inconsistent then and that was not Conti's fault. ;o) I developed some bad picking habits as a kid and it seems I've spent most of my adult life trying to correct them. Ugh. My picking is much better now and I may go back over some of this material to see how well (and how fast) I can handle it now.
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    Thanks Mark -- yeah, just doing exercise one makes me realize how badly I mangle up/down picking when required to do it intentionally. His insistence that one always start each bar on a downstroke and stick rigidly to this even when playing one note per string (as in Bar 10, an otherwise harmless C arp) was humbling. I have to stop, count and even watch my right hand doing this as I'll play right through the exercise without missing a beat but not playing it as instructed. If nothing else, this is forcing me to pay attention to my two hand co-ordination, which I know is a good thing but it's tiresome stuff breaking down the bad habits of a lifetime. And this is before I've even added a metronome into the process. I'm going public on it here partly to force myself to commit to the exercises.

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    I haven't worked through the Precision Technique "fully" but I am well aware of the content that's in his book/DVD since my company Chord Melody Guitar Music.com has been selling Conti's material for the last 12 - 15 years.

    What I can tell you is that over those years I have spoken to numerous guitarists who have worked through the Precision Technique after purchasing it from us and felt that it genuinely helped them gain more confidence and control over their picking technique.

    In other words - it worked for them!

    Hope this helps.
    Steven Herron