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    What type of chair do most of you use? I'm having back muscle issues. I use an office chair without arms. I've tried playing with a strap and sitting against the back with good posture and at the chairs full height. I've sat on the edge of the chair keeping my back straight. I've played without using a strap and lowering the chairs height, and I've even tried a foot rest. Does playing an archtop seated torque the back more than a solid body would? I'm sure a lot of it is due to my age, taking a decade off and starting back up with my first ever archtop a year ago. In the past I've used metal folding chairs or the old wood classroom chairs, but that was a long time ago. It's more than frustrating. I'll play for a couple weeks, then I need to stop for a bit. I didn't think the pain was being caused by the archtop until recently. I eliminated the other things I was doing and, now I know it's the cause of the back issues.



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    Office chair without arms, and using a strap. Sometimes I put a cushion between my back and the chair for extra support.

    As far as I know, the best posture is to keep the back straight, no slouching or twisting the spine. This is why I use a strap.

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    Mostly a straight wooden chair. I sometimes use an office chair, but raised as high as it will go with a cushion, so that it's almost like a high stool. I do not like office chairs for playing.

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    Depends: at home just sitting on the couch (not the best ergonomic option...). At gigs - if I'm not standing up I use a bar stool with the legs cut off a good bit and using a strap.
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    There's always "the guitar chair". It's more for classical playing and a raised left foot, admittedly.

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    Another possibility. Have you tried a really high quality piano bench? I've switched to that after seeing a number of classical players use them. If you go that route, don't go cheap.

    And has been said, good posture, straight back, shoulders back, guitar tilted up, and play strapped.

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    It sounds to me like you would get at least some benefit from a good physical therapist. I am old and this has helped me a great deal. It is amazing how many bad habits that we don't even notice sneak in and make life less enjoyable.

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    When I was gigging I used a steel-framed kitchen chair for many years. It was perfect in every dimension for me, rock solid, and upside-down on the passenger seat of my car provided storage for gigging essentials. One more thing to lug around, but having a consistent playing environment was very helpful. I hope your back issues can be resolved ( I found wearing the instrument at chest height really helped [for me]). Good luck!
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    I found the Pick N Glider to be sturdy and comfortable. It glides silently if you want to. It is not as portable as some.

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    Why do you need to glide? Just curious

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    Quote Originally Posted by p1p View Post
    Why do you need to glide? Just curious
    You don't need to glide, but you can if you'd like. It's like rocking in a chair but more stable.

    The had the chair by our TV as a general purpose sitting place. Quite a few people would start gliding a little while talking or watching TV. It's relaxing.

    I don't glide when I'm playing. That's worse than walking and chewing gum.

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    Thanks everyone. I think once I get out walking again I'll be fine. The weather here is a lot better now. I had issues like this before. Walking made a huge difference. Actually I had been running 3+ miles / 2.5 K a day. Then on 11/8/16 (election day) I unexpectedly lost one of my younger sisters. I haven't done much (got fat ) since then. But I'll get there again. I also need to remember to take breaks. I can hyper focus and before I know it a couple hours can pass by and I'm still seated and working on the same thing.