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    Yes, yes, yes, I know it has been asked before. However, opinions change and new products arrive on the market. What’s your favorite pick?


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    And to make it a little more easy to view, let’s vote online on a poll:

    pollly | easy polling & brainstorming

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    I don't know about the voting online poll thing, but I'm still using the standard Fender "tortoise shell" heavy gauge picks.

    Have been for over 40 years now - talk about a creature of habit!

    Steven Herron
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    Dunlap Jazztone 204 still does it for me.

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    Treasure Tones - 18 Carat Gold - 1 Pick | Timber Tones

    No !

    It's a joke.

    I mainly use wood or bone picks I do myself

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    My thumb!! its easy to find and came pre installed

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    Black Ice 1.5mm for jazz

    Fender Medium or heavy for rock/pop

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    Dunlap jazztone 205 for jazz guitars and acoustic guitars

    Eric Johnson jazz 3 for rock guitar playing.

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    Dunlop Primetone Large Round Tip 3.0mm

    Dunlop Primetone Large Round Tip 5.0mm

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    Blue Chip Jazz 35 (Lg) for Guitar
    Blue Chip Jazz 35 for Mandolin

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    I have a pile of picks of various thicknesses, mostly Dunlops. I choose one each day, depending on my mood.

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    What’s your favorite guitar pick for jazz?-p_dl_p_0167_515p-jpg

    Dunlop Primetone - this shape, but 1.5mm (which I couldn't find a pic of.)

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    D'Andrea Pro Plex small teardrop 1.5 mm. Sounds good on every guitar I've got, so it's the one I use most. On the occasion where I need a little more cut, I use the Jazz III Ultex. With my solid bodies I also like the red Jazz III but not with my archtops for some reason.

    Odd thing though- I used to put the pick in my mouth when playing fingerstyle, but with the Pro Plec I almost immediate get a contact irritation of the inside of my lip and will have a sore for a day or two. Doesn't happen with Fender picks or any Dunlop picks I've ever tried. So now I hybrid pick or put the pick down if I want to play with my fingers.

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    I use Dunlop 1.5mm picks exclusively. Nothing better.

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    Currently, this one: Blue Chip IBJ55

    But I prefer this one for rhythm playing: Got both for Christmas. Score!

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    Still hooked on the D'Andrea Pro-Plecs, though I've moved from the little "house shaped" ones and now I use the standard size, but the rounded edge.

    For acoustic rhythm, I like a 2.0mm Black Dunlop pick with an alligator on it. Not sure what they're called "gator grip," I assume), I bought a bag years ago and never really used them, and then I found a handful of them in a drawer a few months ago and started really liking them. Go figure.

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    I've used Jazz III, 204, 205, PrimteTone sculpted, etc, etc, like them all. Lately (last 6 months) I'm really liking Fender 358 H
    What’s your favorite guitar pick for jazz?-fender-358-png

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    Quote Originally Posted by guido5
    Dunlap Jazztone 204 still does it for me.

    That's what I use too.

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    A big button from an overcoat works for me.

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    Fender Heavy cut to the size of a penny, unless I'm playing some funky rhythm stuff.. just switch to a medium then.

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    Still sticking with my faithful Jazz III with home made added grip

    What’s your favorite guitar pick for jazz?-20190210_100012_resized-jpg

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    V-Pick Tradition Ultra Light for anything with overdrive or distortion, and with my Artist Award.
    Dunlop Jazz III for jazz on all other guitars.

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    I like and use:
    Jim Dunlap Ultex Jazz 3's
    Jim Dunlap Jazz 3's - (Green, Purple, Black)
    Various D'Andrea 1.5mm Pro Plecs
    Various V-pics
    John Pearse - weirdly shaped pick that has all 3 sides different
    Clown Vomit picks (Catalinbread Pedal Swag)
    (As long as the pick isn't too thin or too large I can deal with them.)

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    I've been a fan of the red Jazz III's for a long time. I also sometimes switch to one of the Dunlop purple stubbies now and then.

    I've got the Dunlop Jazztone in my Amazon list next time I make an order, I've wanted to try a few of those for some time one.

    Thumb sometimes too. I tend to not drop it on the floor and have to search for it.

    Edit: Would anyone who knows care to comment on the size of the jazz III's vs the Jazztone 204/205's? They look like they would be similar in size....true?
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    I find the jazztones to be more rounded at the corners and they tend to shift a little between your fingers because of that, no distinct angle to help set in place. I don't find their tone all that pleasing for me, much prefer Noted.

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    This thread really made me pay attention to what I like in a pick. The D'Andrea Pro Plec material seems to clearly be my favorite.

    I like a small pick- the 354 size or maybe it's the 358, whichever is smaller. Good balance of warm and cut. I also like the Jazz III shape but not the material. I have experimented with cutting the D'Andrea 651 to the size of the Jazz III and really like those, too. Darker than the 358 shape, so better to me for solo playing but not so good for ensemble playing. I've even cut down what used to be my favorite pick a decade to two back, the Dunlop 500 1.5mm Fender shape, to the Jazz III shape. I like those because the edge treatment provides excellent string release, but the tone is not as jazzy as the Pro Plec.

    What I like about small picks is being able to feel the upper edge of the pick between my fingers. It make me feel I have more control over the pick. I play with a pretty loose hand and some of my picking action comes from the fingers instead of the wrist or elbow.

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    Jazz III. Only picks I like. I've used them for over 30 years.

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    Dunlop Jazz III (for playing fast lines, and jazz fusion)

    Dunlop 1mm Nylon: Dunlop 44P100 1.0mm Nylon Standard Guitar Picks, 12-Pack: Musical Instruments for strumming chords big band style

    D'Andrea ProPlec PRO PLEC – 354 SHAPE – D'Andrea USA for playing warm tone lead lines

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    No one yet mentioned a thumb pick ...
    Once trained to use it, it becomes a very versatile musical object.
    Three fingers are able to pick treble strings and palm muting is carried out easily.
    An heretic tilt in the wrist although ...