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    Quote Originally Posted by christianm77 View Post
    One reason why I formed the opinion that rest stroke picking was at least far more common in the acoustic era than it is today among non-GJ players was the Van Eps Method book (late 30s IIRC) which talks about using the adjacent string as a 'pick stop' - a nice turn of phrase that sums up the mechanics of rest stroke picking.

    His arpeggio picking patterns are also the sort of thing that works well with a DWPS let hand. Is fun to play those examples with them.
    The Van Eps student I studied with (or at least took lessons from, as I was not very diligent) was a disciple of the 7-string finger-style Van Eps, not the early flatpicking Van Eps. He even had a Gretsch Van Eps model 78-string guitar.


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    A 78-string guitar? Wow, I have enough trouble with a 5-string mandolin.

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    But does it djent?

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    yo guitar pick so old, it was made when the dead sea was just starting to get sick
    White belt
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    Quote Originally Posted by sgosnell View Post
    A 78-string guitar? Wow, I have enough trouble with a 5-string mandolin.
    yeah take that Pat Metheny, so much for your pikasso guitar.

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