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Right. I think most folks here know what economy picking is. I go into detail about it in my book. My point is that it's not necessarily the best way to play a groovin' swing feel in a line like this:


I'm not implying my picking technique is great or anything. And in fact, I don't advocate my students pick the way I do. I have certain flaws in my technique but I think one good thing a teacher should do is guide the student towards the most efficient way even if they themselves do not do it that way. For example, I'd guide students towards benson picking or hand on the bridge picking even though I do not pick like that.

Hey Jack, amazing playing. You look like you are picking lightly and not holding the pick crazy tight. Yet you have a strong solid attack. Would you say you are picking hard or light?
I always suspect that great players are not picking as hard as I think they are.

Also how much pick are you putting into the strings?

How do you get it to sound so flowing like that?


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