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    I have done exactly that.

    Tim Miller's 212121 arpeggios with hybrid picking on nylon guitar.

    You can adjust in real time get cleaner and cleaner...

    Hybrid picking is a god send, as well as using only my thumb.

    I have not used a pick / alternative picking since going fingerstyle totally in 1998 or so.

    Don't miss the pick and never will, can play faster, more relaxed and smoother with all thumb or hybrid than at anytime I did the Sal Salvador Single String Method in music college.

    I would have abandoned alternate picking with a pick then if I knew, but no YouTube in

    Of course, one should use whatever works for them, whatever resonates. One thing I have learned about learning and guitar and life.

    The answer can and should come relatively quickly and be natural. it should not take years to get some speed with the right hand, maybe months, but not years.

    Struggling on anything on the guitar, whatever it is, means there is no resolution, and the right answer resolves the issue.

    If there is no change, or resolution, the answer was the wrong answer. The right answer resolves the thing, pretty quickly.

    1 millions years of practice won't resolve it.

    John K


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    I use a semi legato approach, where I slur about 30% of the notes. I don't like the sound of every not picked, but as I often play acoustic, I still need that pick attack...

    I try to pick on the upbeat (or other accents) and slur into the next note. Each new string gets picked, so that's why it's not 50%. I think it creates a nice effect.

    I tend not to use the fingers because I don't find too many problems string skipping, at least the moment. (I may change my mind, I do have a ceiling.)