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    Quote Originally Posted by grahambop
    I don’t think there really is much mystery about Chet’s death. Like everything else about him, it has been romanticised by lots of people. The writer Jeroen de Valk spoke to the police inspector who handled the case, and in his book (Chet Baker, his life and music) lays out the evidence he found during the investigation. From all of this it seems highly likely that Chet simply fell out of the window by mistake while high.

    The main points he covers are as follows:
    - the room was on the 3rd floor and was found to be locked from the inside. Any murderer would have had to climb in the window (and out again).
    - there were no signs of a struggle in the room.
    - the window sill was only knee-high.
    - the window was an old sash type, had been painted many times, and consequently could only be raised by 2 feet.
    - Chet left marks in the dust on the sill which showed he’d been sitting on the sill (it was an unusually warm night).
    - the window had a peg on a chain, used to hold it up by inserting it in the frame. The peg and part of the chain were on the ground next to Chet’s body. The window was found to be slammed shut again (because the peg had been pulled out).

    Based on all of this, the police concluded that Chet had been sitting very awkwardly on the sill, leaning outwards, maybe nodding out with his head down, and simply lost his balance and fell, probably grabbing the chain and peg as he went.

    It’s understandable that his wife and friends preferred to believe a less banal explanation.
    whoah. Opened this thread after months, and this post was on a new page by itself. Posture, Chet, ... 5 degrees of Kevin Bacon.

    Quote Originally Posted by Litterick
    Chris Hadfield, strapless in space.

    Shame about the singing.
    I was actually pleasantly surprised. The lower octave singing (more so the phrasing) was probably the worst part. As a singer myself, I'd be surprised for anyone to point that part out as the more difficult aspect. Definitely could have been worse, limiting for individuals who've been to the ISS .. and who are also willing to shoot that video.

    Honestly, the most underwhelming thing was the acoustic guitar break. It's a little difficult for casual players, but that palm mute just makes it. Maybe, if the guitar had not been shown floating/spinning so much previous to the lick... LOL. Kind of just caught me off guard.

    Anyway, I thought that the amazing visuals and the lens flares compensated for most of it. That acoustic riff slightly interrupted the otherworldly vibe and brought me back to earth momentarily.

    Cool idea anyway.


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    Do you sit or stand when performing?

    Not telling you, it's private

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    I have to sit...I have a stool that's a bit higher than the average chair, it is about 24" high. It makes player easier with the horn in front.

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    I prefer to sit, no matter what I’m playing. It feels very solid and secure. I don’t like the guitar hanging on me.

    Good enough for Barney; good enough for me…

    Do you sit or stand when performing?-0bc510d9-ce6d-4ed0-9e02-e1a299cb5b5e-jpeg

    I have one of those adjustable height cushioned Roc N Soc drummer’s stools with the lower back support that I bring, so I don’t have to take my chances with whatever rickety uncomfortable option they might have at the venue.

    In the past, I would stand for pop, country, rock gigs, etc, but I don’t do those anymore.

    Good enough for Ed…

    Do you sit or stand when performing?-5aacd9ef-1e02-425b-8e49-2f046a53384c-jpeg

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    Mixed for me, I sit and stand depending on the context and how I feel.

    While playing alone at home it’s mostly sitting but not always.

    Playing out with others, a little of both depending on the setting and the time. I play out now mostly at jam sessions. With drums and horns, more standing but after 2 hours I need to sit.

    For acoustic solo open mic or acoustic sessions in duo with another guitarist, I’m mostly sitting. If reading lead sheets, sitting is more comfortable.

    I rarely gig now but when I did regularly, I always stood for small group gigs at weddings and clubs. For big band gigs in those days it was always sitting.

    Now in early 60s age is a factor, as are posture, eyesight and exercise. I feel more comfortable sitting, but still stand depending on the energy or the setting.

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    Last Wednesday I played more or less non-stop at a three hour jam session using my Westville archtop. Inclement weather led to fewer showing up than usual.

    First hour was in two duos with guitarists. We played standards facing one another at a lightly amped volume and we all sat.

    Next two hours were a quintet with two guitars, bass, drums and alto at full stage volume, and playing a mix of standards and funk. I stood all two hours.

    Until recently, I would not have been able to play for two hours standing due to lower back pain. However, a daily yoga routine has helped alleviate the pain.

    Using a strap helps to support the guitar at a consistent height and angle either way, though I noticed that while sitting I tend to angle the guitar back a little so I can look at the fretboard.

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    Sat forever and then started standing when I joined a hybrid r&b/jazz band 15 yrs ago and the leader wanted me to stand (I get it, even he stood playing organ/keyboards)
    But now that that gig is history and my knees are hamburger sitting is my only option.

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    I like both, and combine during gig depending on track and mood

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    Currently I like to play while sitting, but sometimes I play standing.
    I'm getting older.

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    I'm aiming for full James Jamerson.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aestheticsound
    I like both, and combine during gig depending on track and mood

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    Quote Originally Posted by henryrobinett
    As I get get older I always opt to sit. But I also got more comfortable playing jazz sitting.
    How about you? Do you sit or stand?

    Hi Henry,
    I am currently playing in our church service, and my acoustic guitar has no strap buttons, so I am using a stool where I am seated but also a bit semi-standing, just enough to where the guitar can rest on my leg.
    I actually like this in this formal setting, as it prevents me from swaying and even kinda dancing.
    And even with my other guitars with shoulder straps, I use the stool now.

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    Sit when I practice, stand when I gig.


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    I always sit. I practice that way and it seems natural. I always use a foot rest for my left leg that allows me to free up my hands. What I have started doing recently is using a guitar strap that provides a little more stability and balance. When I was playing in a rock/blues band, I always stood - but those days are over for me.

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    Jazz and acoustic music, I sit down usually. Electric or really groovy music I'm standing. Depends on the style of music really and what looks and feels proper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alter
    Jazz and acoustic music, I sit down usually. Electric or really groovy music I'm standing. Depends on the style of music really and what looks and feels proper.

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    I invariably sit when I practice. However, at gigs, which I don't do much of anymore, I sit or stand depending on the type of music we play (bebop, fusion, smooth, funk, etc.).