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    I like the Thomastik Bebop strings I use the bb113 set, but they are expensive. I don't exclusively use them on all my guitars, but this set is very nice, and they last for a long time. I put a set on a guitar back in December and have played the guitar many hours. The strings intonate fine and still have plenty of life at least the 4 round wounds. As it happens though I wanted to try a different string on this guitar and did not want to wait any longer. So, I took the 4 wound off and put them on the Gibson Legrand. Then I simply put a new plain e and b string on the guitar.

    The Legrand's strings were D'addario round wounds and they were shot. I wanted to try these Thomastiks on this guitar. As it turns out I like them and definitely smoother sounding on the Legrand. I did notice the finger tailpiece does not accept the way the winding wraps for the bass E with the Thomastiks. I filed the wrapping down and it worked. Has only else came across this issue? Not a big deal assuming the wrapping remains intact mostly and the string goes up to pitch.

    I do a lot of other weird things to save money so even strings get the frugal attention.


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    I've only put 2 sets of TI Jazz Swings on. One time no trouble, last time a little. Low E ball isn't fully seated. Sticks out slightly more than the others. It stays in tune just fine, but I might be in for some trouble getting it out....

    I did a read a post where somebody said they crimped the windings with pliers a bit. I'll try that next time. I'd guess the silk winding varies a bit from set to set. They can't all be exactly the same can they?

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    Yes. I've had some of that problem with these strings seating properly. Depends on the guitar, and now I can't remember which one(s).

    Like you Deacon, I don't need to change them very often, and in my case the time span exceeds my minds ability to remember. Hahahaha.
    The TI Bops do hold up well. A year is not unusual. I do use other brands, but the TIs are the best. The bigger wounds sometimes will not seat properly and I end up really pulling on them. Eventually they do well enough. I've never trimmed the wrapping though.

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    Thomastik Bebop is worth the price. I'm a professional guitarist, I change the strings on both of my two guitars every month (even more often if I have many concerts or other works), but still.