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    Today I became the proud owner of a limited edition Ibanez George Benson “Super” 10 (45th anniversary) guitar. I’m currently evaluating but so far I really like it.

    Apologies for the amateur (and sideways) iPhone pics - they don’t do justice to the in-person beauty of this gorgeous instrument!

    Happy playing All,

    - AC

    Ibanez GBSP10-87b9ef4d-806a-4663-b8fa-b3c0116cb2a9-jpgIbanez GBSP10-0b058d7a-47ba-400b-8418-809fc9ebcf4a-jpgIbanez GBSP10-922edb6c-800f-4db5-b3a2-21f4bb811389-jpgIbanez GBSP10-7b470825-8795-4517-aaef-61ba52ba2162-jpg
    Attached Images Attached Images Ibanez GBSP10-991ce48c-29f2-47a7-9378-d1b5aa0e6c2c-jpg 


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    Congrats! Looks to be in mint condition and is beautiful. I am always amazed how woody the sound is from this small guitar. And the brighter sound is still very pleasant, sounds unmistakably like Benson. Truly a great innovation from Ibanez and GB. Enjoy it and share some recording if you will!

    Edit: Ah I see that this seems like a new model, sorry, so I suppose the guitar is new. Enjoy and thanks for sharing!
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    Beautiful Benson model. Enjoy!

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    Beautiful guitar, play her in health!

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    Congratulations! That is an awesome looking GBSP10!

    Play it in good health.

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    Congratulations! I can relate. I very recently bought a JSM20th, the Scofield limited edition 20th anniversary model, at a guitar show. It's an incredible instrument. I wish I could thank the Ibanez workers in person, I really do.

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    Wow-fancy! Nice!

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    that truly is a stunning guitar.
    Ibanez essentially took the GB 40 and gave it a beautiful red finish

    Anybody that knows me knows I am a sucker for red guitars

    Congratulations on a great score !!!

    I own a GB 40 that GB signed and I love it


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    You know what, im a big fan of Ibanez GB models and am owning a marvelous GB40II, but let me tell you something, they should rest it now with these models. The GB10 released in 1979 on the market and has been reshaped ever since, with great improvements and different designs. GB12, GB100, GB30, GB15, GB30 kimono, GB10 masquerade and the last big release were the beautiful two GB40 models which were brought about on the 40th anniversary of the original GB10. I think everything that could have been improved on the GB10 has already been done with all of these models. They should call it a day. I would love to see the GB20 re released.

    Your GB looks amazing and will sound amazing out of the box, congrats.
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