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    mines on

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    I bought one a few months ago for $209. I prefer 1 PU guitars and wanted to try that body style and it's a lot cheaper than an ES-125. I ran into the exact issues the reviews hit on: a few high spots on the frets and the pickup needed to be raised with a stock spacer. The only other issue was that the bridge couldn't lowered any further to adjust the action, which was solved by replacing the knurled nuts with slightly thinner ones. Bottom line is that it's a much nicer guitar than I expected. The lower bout is quite large, and I haven't adjusted to that body style yet, so I haven't used it with a group and can't comment on the sound beyond room level at home, where just about anything can sound good. I don't know if I'll bond with that body profile, but it's really a decent guitar. No buyer's remorse.
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    cant deliver from factory in China to reason given... and no Stores are stocking it here....ill keep looking...good luck with it...

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    Greg Ruggiero has a demo of a Grote hollowbody, maybe more, on YouTube. He's a New York jazz guitarist, relatively well known, who doesn't just post click-bait videos. No distorted power chords, just straight-ahead jazz, done well.

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    Watching this vid sure takes me back to my first guitar, a $100. Greco, and those four guys from Liverpool on the Ed Sullivan Show.

    No kidding, and thanks !

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    Those people build a well constructed serious instrument worthy of playing out of the box or upgrading to sound like a way more expensive guitar. They also happen to be a helpful, and responsive seller. Game changer for the player who's looking for wants a modest but serious instrument they can grow with. Easy to get, plenty of potential to upgrade. I've been recommending these to my students. They get them, I level the frets and set it up for them. If they want to learn to play, this is an instrument that won't get in their way.