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    I had no idea that Lage played on that album. I have only listened to it in digital form: no liner notes. (I really hate that).

    I have always wonder about the recorded guitar sound on, In Your Quiet Place. Does anyone have any info: guitar, amp, mic, desk?


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    My suspicion is that it was his Manzer and you're hearing a blend of microphone and plugged in sound.

    Don't know much more than that, unfortunately. But what a great album!

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    Thank you. It did not cross my mind that it would of been a blend. That is a useful insight. It makes a lot of sense.

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    Julian was known for mixing mics with the pickup's sound when he used the Manzer.

    Here's a post about that

    "I've seen Julian play a couple of times too, and I've never been sure how much he is relying on the big condenser on the stand vs. his guitar mounted mic. It seems like he moves in and out on that big condenser as if he using it to regulate the volume and the mix with his mounted PU (on his Manzer only)."

    Also here

    "It also has to do with the recording process. We recorded everything with a mic on each guitar and each amp, and one on the whole room, making an aural snapshot of the setting. "

    Here you can see him with Gary, using a mic in front of the guitar.