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    Hey folks,

    I just picked up a used FV680. I really like the guitar, but my G and D strings are a bit ‘dead’

    I noticed that the string are strung/wound such that they are making contact with the headstock behind the nut (classical style tuners).

    I have to think that these issues are related. My solution is to put new strings on and wind them additional winding so that they are farther from the center of the headstock, thus alleviating the contact points, however, if I do that, I will increase the break angle behind the nut a significant amount. Is this going to create a new issue? Are there any alternatives to this option? I removed the truss rod cover because they were making contact with it, however there still does not exist enough clearance for the strings to cleanly pass over the headstock. Thanks for any advice!


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    Winding the strings away from the center won’t cause any problems with break angle. I don’t have that specific model, but I do have a different Eastman with a slotted peghead (and have had others). That’s what I do, and it’s fine.

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    Thanks John,

    Looks like a new set of strings is going on this afternoon. Wish me luck!