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    Got a new Musikraft neck today and it's everything I wanted except the spot where the truss rod adjusts looks a bit funny to me. To me it just looks like there's a bit too much space around the nut where the wrench inserts. Plus, the nut looks a little off-center. I will say that my 4mm allen wrench does fit (although it is wobbly) and if I tighten it there does seem to be resistance. I took pictures of the rod via the headstock truss plug using an endoscope I have.
    Musikraft Tele Neck - Is this truss normal?-20230324143116450-jpgMusikraft Tele Neck - Is this truss normal?-20230324143120726-jpgMusikraft Tele Neck - Is this truss normal?-20230324143126842-jpg

    Just wondering if anyone has ordered from them and if this is something minor I need to worry about. Normally, I wouldn't bother the good folks on this forum with this but I currently do not have a body to attach this to (ordered one from MJT that will be a while, yet) otherwise I would just build it and string it up. If something's up then I can send it back into Musikraft to get fixed or whatnot. Thanks a bunch.


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    Don't take the brown acid, maaaan.
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    Reminds me of my last colonoscopy.

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    For the life of me, that looks like a truss rod that has broken off where the threads were rolled into the end of it for the nut. Or the nut itself is missing. I don't see anything on the end of that rod that would properly accept an Allen wrench. Maybe a less extreme colonoscopy-like close-up photo would be illuminating.

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    I did reach out to Musikraft but while waiting for a response I decided to do a little more digging. So, I reached out to a seller on Reverb who had a neck similar to mine with the adjust at the headstock. The reverb seller was kind enough to shoot me a picture of their truss adjust hole where the allen head inserts. It looked similar to mine albeit with a slightly shallower angle, if that makes any sense. I did see space around the allen head insert just like mine, though.

    When Musikraft did get around to emailing me back this is what they said:
    "Yes this is normal for our dual acting rods that adjust at the headstock. Your best bet is to get a T handle 4mm ball end truss rod wrench and then when you make adjustments on the rod, insert it at a downward angle and make sure it is seated securely into the socket before attempting to adjust the rod."

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    I'm gonna say I'm in the clear especially since I did test turning the truss rod and it felt normal. I'll just chalk all this up to me being picky and paranoid. Hopefully this info will be useful to future Musikraft neck buyers in case they are also curious about this same thing.

    I'm quite happy as the neck I received is very nice quality. It feels solid, nice fretwork, and the 2A flamed maple I specified is actually more flame-y than I anticipiated. Good value (depends on who you ask, though) and turnaround time was spot on from what they specified on their site. Given the customer service, as well, I would not hesitate to get another neck from them.

    Musikraft Tele Neck - Is this truss normal?-20230327_1058112510-jpgMusikraft Tele Neck - Is this truss normal?-20230327_105908-jpg