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    I bought a rental stock Traynor YVC-20WR from the LMS last summer. Despite the name, it is a 15-watt tube amp with a 12-inch Celestion Greenback speaker. 2 channels. DI. Will drive an external cab. Nice little package.

    I liked the way it sounded in the store and in my living room. I finally got to try it out in a big band a few days ago.

    I was very pleased with how it performed. I was using a MIM Tele with Vintera pickups, no effects. Tone controls pretty much at 9:00. I thought it sounded appropriate for big band swing guitar, that is, generally like an archtop. Some FG shell voicings, no solos. Preferred it to the Fender JMUL I’ve been using for the last decade. Also preferred it to the Blues Jrs (I never could get a decent sound out of those) and X2 (not loud enough) I’ve had.

    I might be concerned about larger venues, but, hopefully, that’s where the DI comes in.

    And with wine-coloured Tolex and a “oatmeal”-coloured grill cloth, it’s an attractive piece of kit.

    so, all in all, pretty happy.
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