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    I have a Ditto Looper X4 which I have started to use a bit more than in the past. I actually got it 5 years ago, but have not used it a lot. I had some electronic problems that required repair—apparently the early production models were prone to motherboard issues.

    Anyway, it works OK now with one exception—the Hold function doesn’t seem to work as advertised. It basically duplicates the Double function which is next to it. Not that I care much, since I probably wouldn’t use the Hold function anyway (generates a very short repeating loop that lasts while you hold it down).

    The other issue I can’t figure out is how to import loops using a Mac. You can save a loop on the device and export it to a computer or DAW. I have no problem exporting loops in AIFF or WAV format into a MacBook, iPad, or Windows computer. The problem is with importing them back into the X4.

    I was able to do this using my Windows laptop without an issue. But so far no luck with the MacBook Air or iPad Pro. I have read it might be due to Apple saving the files in an unsupported format. Supposedly the X4 can only work with 44.1 mH, 32-bit floating point files. I’ve tried some converting software, but without success so far.

    I did update the firmware to the latest edition. It seems a shame that TCE doesn’t work easily with the most obvious devices for music creation, at least live performance, i.e., Mac devices.

    Anyone have any experience using the Ditto loopers with Mac products and importing/exporting loops?


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    Don't have this particular looper, but you could try using something like VirtualBox as a workaround. Basically temporarily run Windows or Ubuntu Linux (it is free so worth a shot) as an app on your Mac. Good luck!