The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    The title says it all really. Personally I wouldn’t waste my time listening to this nonsense. There must be a million more important things to do.

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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    thanks a lot , very illuminating
    im keen on these guitars too

    my main squeeze is a 95/96
    af120 narrow headstock
    I’ve had to change the jack socket
    switch and neck pickup but
    I like it a lot now

    I’ve always wondered what the
    equivalent but japanese AF200
    would be like (blond please)

    i played a JP20 once in a shop and the neck was wonderful I should have jumped on it but didnt have the funds
    such is life ....

    now i know more I do prefer the 24.75 scale so it’s probably for the best that i missed it ....

    I haven’t played a gb200 or a
    newer prestige af200 or af2000

    they’d probably float my boat too

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    Hey Pingu, here's a brief sound clip of an AF200 (Prestige).

    They are nice guitars although likely not for someone who wants that heavy Gibson sound.