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    I like my Epiphone ES-175 premium (w/ Gibson 57 classic PU).
    Recently, I came across a video clip of Archtop Tribute AT105; and the guitar and its sound is gorgeous!
    I'm in conversation with Masaki from Walkin guitar in Japan in emails. Especially, recent USD/JPY is pretty good; and I can't miss this chance and I should trigger for this Japanese guitar. However, I'm not sure if the AT105 can really replace my current Epiphone ES-175 Premium. Archtop Tribute will be worth buying from Japan and shipping from Japan (and maybe possibly custom tax?)? Not sure these two guitars in the same league or one or the other is much better in sound and quality? Please advise. Thx.


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    I can't tell you what guitar to buy, but this is my experience:

    I recently purchased an AT 105j, which is the 3/4 size version. Impeccable workmanship and materials and attention to detail. Playability and sound are equal to or better than the Gibson 175s I've owned.

    I ordered it from Masaki in Japan and it arrived within a week and without any Customs tax.

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    Good condition Epiphone ES-175 premiums with the original pickups would be very easy to sell in this forum. I suggest you hang on to it until you are confident about your attraction to the AT105.

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    Don’t snooze on Seventy Seven guitars. There’s one for sale on the forum.

    The 77 Deep is one of the nicest archtop’s I’ve ever owned, and I’ve owned enough archtop’s for 10 or 12 people. Check ‘em out.