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    Hello fellow Polytone lovers. I have a guy who has a bunch of original tested opamps for the Polytone preamp. If you aren’t aware, these are fairly hard to find nowadays, and can go for 20 bucks each by the time you pay for shipping etc. In full disclosure, you can retrofit modern opamps to work, but, they sound different, and it’s not all that much cheaper after you have to buy the socket, you have to wire it up etc…

    Anyway, here’s a chance to buy a couple spare, rare opamps that are the heart of the Polytone amp, for like the cost of a large coffe. The more we buy, the lower the price. Let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll get a solid idea of the price.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    PS, FWIW I have 20 years of feedback selling high end vintage recording equipment online (hence "vintagelove”). You can feel confident have me facilitate the buy.


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    Have a couple interested already. Keep ‘em coming!!!

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    Whats the model # of the op amp ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by va3ux
    Whats the model # of the op amp ?

    Hello, it’s an RC4739DB. Be careful buying these from China or unknown suppliers. I got burned buying fakes before. Stuff like this

    RC4739DB RAYC Encapsulation DIP-14 NEW | eBay

    However if you’re ok with a change in sound. There is this kind of alternative. Not exactly cheap, and won’t be the original sound, but it will keep your amp alive.

    RC4739 uA739 MC1303 Replacement IC Via NE5532A Phase Linear Crown | eBay

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    I think mine is a later model that uses 4558's. Mine is a Mini Brute 2 with the Sonic Circuit. Although, the labels on the controls on the amp don't exactly match the control naming on the schematic from 1998 that I have.

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    Last call bump.