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    Quote Originally Posted by jazzkritter
    Jason are you using double ball, or did you convert to ‘normal’?

    Steinberger String Adapters Headpiece - Headless Hohner Cort - Bass or Guitar | eBay
    Good question....I almost forgot about that as I've had them both for several years. I bought adapters (different than the link you supports both double and single ball... STEINBERGER - JCustom Guitar Combo Headpiece - HeadlessUSA ) for both of them so I could put on 12 gauge flat wounds and they work great.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Quote Originally Posted by alltunes
    The original travel guitar

    Erlewine Guitars | Chiquita Travel Guitar

    I bought one over 30 years ago; sold it about 10 years ago wish I wish still had it. Decent sounding humbucker with a coil tap. Some intonation issues especially on the low E up the neck.

    I’ve been using a Rainsong parlor guitar 12 fret. Fits in the overhead no problem. Not silent though.

    I’ve brought a Yamaha GL1 guitalele on trips which helps scratch the itch but obviously not
    the same as practicing on a real guitar.

    The Washburn Rover is surprisingly playable and not too loud but it is acoustic.
    I had a Rover. I wouldn’t recommend it. Neither fish nor fowl. It is not well balanced so requires playing with a strap. Thin sound.

    If you are going to go for a flattop acoustic with a full-size neck for travel, the Voyage Air is the way to go, IMO.