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    How many here prefer one vol tone? Or one vol two tone? (Leave the tone set for each, and use the vol.


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    It's not that important to me, one way or another. I use the bridge pickup so seldom that I don't worry about it. One advantage of having dual sets, with Gibson-style wiring, is that you can turn the bridge volume to zero, and use the center position as a standby switch. Putting the selector switch to the center position or bridge position, kills the output. I wouldn't reject a guitar for not having that function, however. I just don't care.

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    Well, since you are asking, I assume that you are getting a two pickup guitar, and the bridge pickup is not just there as a "kill" switch.

    In which case I will say that I find the ability to have both pickups on and to just roll off one volume a touch to be a useful option to have, and I wouldn't want to lose it. It provides some additional shades of tone.

    Without individual volumes, there is an assumption that you will always want the balance to be equal, and that may be great for you, I just like to have that added option.

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    I find that in the middle position it’s too complicated to navigate in live performances.

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    I sometimes use the two pickups together to tame a dark, muddy room. When I do, I like being able to dial the blend in with all 4 knobs being a part of finding the right tone. So for me, the Gibson wiring is ideal. YMMV

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    Not a fan. I find it adds complexity, adds weight, and awkward live. For in studio there are better tools for sculpting the sound. Not that there is no benefit, just not enough to overcome the drawbacks.

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    If I was just going for a straight ahead jazz tone, I wouldn’t care.
    But most of my gigs are Rock, R&B, or Country and I use the middle switch position a lot. I’m also singing. I don’t have time to mess with the balance.
    My solution is to re-wire all my two pickup guitars to have one volume and two tone controls. And I never use the tone controls.
    I may lose the ability to make subtle tone changes but as they say, “Once the drummer comes in, nobody’s gonna hear it”

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    Not so much for Jazz (I might ride the volume a little bit), but I do use the controls on the guitar a lot when I do other stuff. Each different layout has its’ strengths and weakness.

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    I prefer just one volume and one tone, but most guitars have 2 of each. Periodical I toy with the idea of disconnecting one of each on my semi, but that would be a project.

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    For a time I rewired my guitars to have master tone, master volume and individual volumes for each pickup, which I always left full up.

    But, now, I ignore the bridge pickup. On my main guitar it's the usual two tones and two volumes and I only use the two for the neck pu. I'd rewire it but it's a semihollow and I don't feel like dealing with it.

    On my Strat style Yamaha Pacifica, the bridge HB died and I disconnected it. Now that switch position is OFF. I use the neck HB (Lil 59) and the original controls.

    At one point, I had three volume controls on my guitar, several more in an FX box and three on my regular amp, a Boogie Mk III. It was too complicated to deal with on a gig. If for example, I accidently flipped the pu selector switch and didn't realize it, I might end up adjusting multiple things before figuring out what was actually wrong -- and it would be hard to get my original settings back.

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    I've personally never needed 2 x vol and 2 x tone controls. I tend to only use the neck pickup alone, or the bridge pickup alone. It's very rare that I use them both together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by entresz
    I've personally never needed 2 x vol and 2 x tone controls. I tend to only use the neck pickup alone, or the bridge pickup alone. It's very rare that I use them both together.
    Interesting, I find the "both pickup" sound to be very useful on LP's and telecasters, mainly for rhythm. Very nice for funky stuff. But not on jazz so much.