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    boy, it’s going to get really exciting now. His work is so amazing.

    I’ve had lengthy conversations with Mark about his guitars, especially the detail work on the cameo model. The binding on the back of the head stock is particularly difficult to do.

    I know he will do it so perfectly that’s who he is

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    I have 3 Campellone’s. The necks are incredibly stable. I had to adjust the truss rod once on 1. Winter, summer, they never move.
    Also the dual action truss rod is far superior.

    The best fretwork I’ve ever seen is Mark Campellone and
    Matt Cushman. Sadly Matt is now retired.

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    Fretboard like the ones found in Heaven.

    A NEW Campellone Cameo begins-3813a2f7-9680-4436-b379-a0c8a349f49c-jpeg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rograt
    As you can see I am relatively new to this forum, even though I have been on other music forums for 20+ years. Having done some searches I have come to realise that this is only one of a number of builds that Mark has kindly shared stage by stage with the forum, and it is clear that both Mark and his instruments are hugely respected. I had intended to just lurk on this thread and let Vinny work his magic but I now feel people might also like to know the story behind the particular Cameo.

    I can’t recall the exact process of identifying a Campellone as a future acquisition but can say that I have followed the market for a long time. I still have my 60’s Gibson brochures, including for the Citation, and a number of relevant books - including The Chinery Collection. In 2020 I considered getting an L5 or similar. That Christmas both of my parents became hospitalised and while recovering in separate hospitals they caught Covid. Short story, I lost them both within 2 weeks. They never saw or spoke to each other again after going into hospital and among the horrors of that period was me only being allowed into a Covid ridden hospital to break the news to my mother about my father.

    Still raw from our family experience I contacted Mark about a possible build a little unsure of my requirements other than that this instrument should not only mark the losses sustained by my family but should also try to be a reminder to future generations of the widespread horror. I quickly realised and fully understood that Mark had, as much as possible, standardised his models so it probably took 10 seconds to decide on a Cameo and in subsequent conversations we agreed on a few options to make this Cameo both a family reminder and something a little different. Essentially these consisted of a two pickup arrangement and a tailpiece plaque with some statement of remembrance. I did ask about the Citation style heel but Mark explained that his tooling didn’t allow for it and that I could ask nearer the time but he didn’t really want to deviate from his processes.

    Although I then went into the waiting list, communicating with Mark has been an absolute joy - sometimes purely discussing guitars in general. Nevertheless things had gone quiet when I got the news that a few people had deferred their builds and would I like to move into the next batch. That decision was instant so thanks to you guys who have decided to wait. Your slot went to a very good cause!

    As great as it has been dealing with mark up to the build I can say that dealing with him during the build is truly magical and I will actually be quite sad when it is all done (and thrilled to have the instrument of course). As you can see, to shut me up Mark is entertaining my lust for a bound heel - and what a spectacular piece of work it is. Of course now that I have seen his template I understand what a departure it is. Someone in another thread referred to mark as a saint and I have done the same in one of our emails. He sure is!

    Things have moved on a little and I have decided to name the guitar, with Mark honouring my parents in a personalised label under the treble F hole. Pic to follow. I am now with the rest of you in waiting and watching. I have asked Mark for a more faded, vintage Blueburst and being the star that he is he is going to attempt to do something. I am sure whatever he does will be absolutely great. To a degree this is like awaiting the birth of a child and to me, for the above reasons and with a few detail embellishments, this will be a very special instrument, even for a Cameo.
    Clearly a story of horrors losing both your parents during COVID’s prime. My condolences to you. Every time you pick up your guitar you’ll be thinking of them. Be well!

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    Onto the neck build

    A NEW Campellone Cameo begins-3a63d490-4d88-4564-add5-68d58ef0d152-jpegA NEW Campellone Cameo begins-a904db50-8a7b-4786-969d-aa17e5d3f325-jpeg

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    Rear headstock veneer.

    A NEW Campellone Cameo begins-a48ad965-80cd-428c-8f38-732ba7240f6f-jpegA NEW Campellone Cameo begins-89556541-ea85-4af8-a9df-cba24e641f19-jpegA NEW Campellone Cameo begins-23338e96-6242-4a29-ae97-ff70283db7e2-jpegA NEW Campellone Cameo begins-76f2bc90-b523-4feb-9f33-a70264f9ab1f-jpegA NEW Campellone Cameo begins-8def03a1-1e3c-400b-bb93-ec0b44e4e6ed-jpeg

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    Man, nice! A work of art.

    What pickup do you plan on using on this beauty? Or is that something selected after the instrument is complete to complement the guitar's acoustic voice?

    Thanks for sharing your work.

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    We’re going a little off piste with this one. It’s having Lollar JS Neck and JS Bridge pickups. I probably won’t use the bridge pickup on its own but I do like blending a little of the bridge pickup in with the neck pickup. I expect it will sound especially nice on this instrument.

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    I did a church gig for 18 1/2 years with a GB 10 as my main ex and I always use the blend trick. I called it having just a little bit of the bridge pick up dialed into the tone made a big difference I was going up against the piano player that played like he was hammering nails.

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    I’m preaching to the converted (as the saying goes). Good to hear that you approve. I would naturally expect mixed reactions.

    In my view Mark is making a mighty fine instrument. Why not extract as much tonal variation as possible from it? Mark is putting a switch under the pickguard to completely switch either pickup off as I don’t want to leave it to the two volume controls alone. And then there will be a master tone. Given the limited space and the marginal benefit of separate tone controls I think this will be fine.

    I can’t believe we are getting so much closer to completion!

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    Rough machine shaping

    A NEW Campellone Cameo begins-8ead22fa-e931-4dca-89d3-057b2f598f7b-jpeg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hammertone
    Something analogue....

    A copy router.

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    Thanks Vinny for the pic and Mark for really motoring along with this. I’m now looking forward to seeing that 1 3/4” nut width and ever so slightly increased depth when it is finally carved!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rograt
    Thanks Vinny for the pic and Mark for really motoring along with this. I’m now looking forward to seeing that 1 3/4” nut width and ever so slightly increased depth when it is finally carved!
    Rograt, by all accounts it looks and sounds like you’re going to receive one hell of a guitar.

    Mark, the cleanliness, efficiency and precision of your work is inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

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    Neck complete.

    A NEW Campellone Cameo begins-308aeadc-3812-4800-b226-5cb9386ead3b-jpegA NEW Campellone Cameo begins-38993157-270c-4380-a5e8-7a6950a0511a-jpeg

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    Lookin' good!

    As vinny noted, nothing beats a multi piece neck for stability (and good looks). That is also my experience. A moderately thick multi piece arrangement is the ideal neck IMO. I wish every guitar came built that way. Wish in one hand...

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    Mark had to make a custom template for the neck pocket to deal with the “hump”.

    A NEW Campellone Cameo begins-11caad9f-b650-49d3-be07-80313e2d03df-jpegA NEW Campellone Cameo begins-cfad972e-95de-4c9a-960a-68de57893062-jpegA NEW Campellone Cameo begins-29bfb624-1f90-4723-92b4-1892d6fe24e2-jpegA NEW Campellone Cameo begins-5f8127aa-67b9-46e2-ba93-aae84e431e4e-jpeg

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    Great work Mark. I now fully appreciate what you were saying about this special request being a major departure from your regular production build.

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    It’s now a guitar

    A NEW Campellone Cameo begins-d89ec72d-69bb-4bd2-8ec5-6b43f7dfdb22-jpegA NEW Campellone Cameo begins-4ffed348-59a7-430f-aeff-dd7d0be265de-jpegA NEW Campellone Cameo begins-f00940ce-3c58-404f-9e73-be7f488fe40f-jpeg

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    Exquisite workmanship !

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    Beautiful! Mark's work is so, so clean. What a wonderful idea for a remembrance. I'm so sorry for your loss. Thanks for taking us along this ride with you. Your folks would surely approve!
    I love these build threads.... though it sure makes it tough to sit on my wallet! Damn, Mark!

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    Cameo and friends are ready for some great finishes

    A NEW Campellone Cameo begins-1ce71eb9-2244-4ecf-8221-028e3df38c69-jpegA NEW Campellone Cameo begins-f16084dd-d938-49d6-9956-af865e9a12fe-jpeg

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    Note no.3