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    There is often a lot of talk about vintage amps, etc to create authentic jazz tone... I am often right in that mix because it is interesting and fun. Surfing around for some music to listen to/watch while doing some Saturday morning cleaning I can across this great band. Taking a look at the gear, you can see the Behringer Eurolive B205D powered monitor speaker is being used for the guitars... possibly a splitter adding the bass... hard to tell.

    summary... sometimes a $180 powered speaker is all that is needed. Much more is the musicians and the music rather than the gear.
    Access to this page has been denied. (link to the Behringer Euroline B205D)


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    That's a nice band there
    Sounds good through the little fella

    7lbs !

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    My bet is the archtop player is using it for a little bit more volume and the rest are playing acoustically or direct.

    Behringer, Bugera, great value for money gear.

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    Great playing by those folks.

    Here are my observations:

    The Gypsy guitar gets a better rhythm sound than the L-7. Perhaps it is the piezo pickup vs the magnetic pickup? That said, I prefer the lead sound of the Gibson.

    The fact that the Gypsy guitar has a stick on piezo informs me that they are not playing very loud (I have used those kind of pickups and they feed back at bar/restaurant volumes.) So that little powered monitor may be fine for a low volume gig. Perhaps the bass is acoustic and the monitor is there just to reinforce the guitars a bit so the leads can be heard? I would not count on that for a gig where average room volume is needed.

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    That's an interesting monitor.
    Looking at the spec, there are two mic inputs. Only one of which can be switched to an instrument input. (different impedance? - not my strong point!)
    So, assuming both guitars are plugged into it, which guitar would go into which input for best results?

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    I believe that the Gypsy-style guitarist (I don't remember her name, sorry about that) owns one of Stephane Wrembel's old Holo guitar, so it would be a contact mic (you can see it on the guitar on the bass side of the bridge). She's a great guitarist, and while I think the tone is lacking a bit, that could be for a number of reasons. That mic on the guitar sounds great when Stephane uses it (among many others). I personally like the combination of magnetic pickup and mic used together depending on what the guitarist is playing.

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    "Much more is the musicians and the music rather than the gear."

    They sound fantastic but they are playing some rather spendy looking instruments there, the behringer aside. Spent thousands on their instruments, bought behringer P.A gear. Obviously they are professionals but I don't really get cheaping out on the P.A at that point or do Gibson archtops really cost that much money? He does look like he's missed a few meals....