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    Fralin vs Lollar vs KA

    Assuming a smaller hole to cut, once installed, does everyone's mini weigh less that their full hb ?

    And if each mentioned is close to the others in performance as a full size hb, are they close to each other as mini's too ?



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    Haven't tried your brands but comparing a Seymour Duncan Vintage Minibucker to a Seymour Duncan Seth Lover in the neck of an ash bodied Tele, the Mini has a little less output but is still full and clear. Imagine a strat neck pickup with no noise but more powerful. It's a little brighter, no mud, never shrill. Full buckers in the neck can get a bit muddy.

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    The narrower the pickup, the more chance it has to sense higher order harmonics, as I understand it.

    That would mean that the mini should sound brighter, if all other things are equal, which they might not be.

    At that point, it's a matter of taste.

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    In actual performance on stage I didn't find much difference. But it wasn't these ones. Mid 70's it was a Les Paul w/ full humbucks and some sort of Epiphone Wiltshire or something w/ mini's as backup guit.