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    Quote Originally Posted by Spook410
    Packed guitar is quietly resting in the garage after a tough couple of days on the road.

    Outside Temp: 109 F

    Inside the box temp: 111.2 F

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    Whoa Nelly!


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    Good thinking with the meat thermometer Spook! I'll be doing the same in a few months. Thanks!

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    Spook, by the way, congratulations on the Gibson L5CES.
    Happy for you bud. Cant wait to see it.

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    Why rush it ?

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    Let's see it

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    Guitar is fine. No apparent problems due to temperatures experienced during shipping.

    I did let it acclimate first in the garage for several hours and then the house. Whether this had any impact or not is not known.

    NGD pic's soon..

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    It's probably safe to eat at that temperature. You don't have to worry about salmonella much with guitars. However you may get some GAS.

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    As far as I am concerned, considering how long you will probably own this Gibson, waiting a bit to acclimate the guitar and avoid possible damage seems the really prudent thing to do. Kudos on your new instrument and on your patience to take just that extra bit of care. Congrats on your L5CES, Spook 410! Nothing like a fine Gibson archtop.