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    Im basically a tube amp user, but the Quilter US Superblock has me interested,since I have a 1x12" loaded ext cab 8 ohm/ 30w,
    any one have or using this amp currently?


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    Hey @dmaj,
    I'm a tube guy, too, and think the Superblock US is a great amp -- and at the cost (especially used) of a decent pedal, you can't go wrong checking it out!

    I wonder, though: why the SB? Looking for a mini-rig, or a back-up rig, or what?

    [Your cab will work perfectly, too, BTW.]


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    It’s good. All my recent videos have used a Superblock either as an amp or a DI box and it excels at either role.

    It’s not a perfect recreation of the feel of a proper tube amp, but sonically is be hard pressed to choose between this and my Fender

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    I am not a professional player. I have used my Superblock as a DI and with a Toob 6,5 cabinet and I am happy with the sound, the versatility and transportability.

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    I did a bunch of videos with it demoing all the different voices. I really liked it but I struggled to control the brightness.

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    I've done all my gigs with it since April last year. 100+ audiences with a 6.5" Toob Metro - no problem. And certainly loud enough for jazz almost anywhere through a more sensitive 10"-12" speaker.

    Edit: Forgot to say that the guitarist of a semi-pro pop/rock band was using my Superblock US through a TOOB 12R cab at an outdoor gig yesterday. Loud and clear from a long distance.
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    I believe Greg is using the Superblock in that recording although the description doesn't specify. I just love his sound. It was Greg's presentation of the Superblock + Toob combo that "sold" me, along with Christian's (check his wonderful YouTube channel). There's a couple great demos of the Toob on their channels with a different Quilter head. It sounds just as good on stage as in a home setting, apparently. I like that it sounds very controlled.

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    I have used one for the last year for rehearsals, any kind of gig except big outdoor shows, and general use at home.
    Worked fine for last Friday nights cafe gig playing country rock, audience of about thirty.
    Does it sound like the Fender amps it is emulating? Maybe not quite, but it is close enough.
    Is it a usable, gig worthy piece of kit? Absolutely!

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    Great amp, especially considering the price—but also great amp regardless of the price. What speaker is loaded in your cab? I get good results with the following:

    - 1960s closed-back Bandmaster loaded with a Weber California 15 (4 ohms)
    - 2x10 open-backed loaded with WGS G10A wired for 4 ohm load
    - 1x10 Eminence GA10-S64 in an oversized pine cab (open or closed)
    - Toob Metro 6.5

    The 3-band active EQ is extremely sensitive and you need to use your ears and expect to land on some gain and EQ settings that may seem out of the ordinary. The XLR out for recording works well.

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    Used the UK Superblock direct and had a monitor mix with excellent results on a couple of different gigs! Highly Recommended!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jads57
    Used the UK Superblock direct and had a monitor mix with excellent results on a couple of different gigs! Highly Recommended!
    The only thing I don’t like about the Superblock for this purpose is that the DI level is not independent of the master volume. I know why they did it this way but I would have preferred otherwise because then I could use an amp on stage and set its volume independent to what’s going to the desk.

    Other than that the DI is a really strong feature and if you are using monitors it obviously doesn’t matter.

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    I also love tube amps.

    But the Quilter Superblock US is really convenient and I've brought it as a backup for a tube amps (never needed it as such), so if the tube amp fails I can move over the speaker jack from the tube amp to the Superblock.
    More often I bring only the Superblock for the sake of convenience and light weight (often there are challenges with room acoustics etc so in some cases there might not be that much of a difference)

    It is a really great amp and with almost exactly the features I would like and not much more than that. The EQ controls work great, the limiter control is useful, the reverb sounds good but IMHO the reverb dial is way to sensitive (small turn changes it too much), the built in cab sims are useful and sound good and out of the 3 amp voices I really like 2 of them.

    All in all I do still prefer tube amps but the Superblock sound quality comes close and is more convenient.

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    I am very happy. I use the SBUS and, when I need more power, the Quilter TB202. I only have good things to say about both, no problem with the high end, with the right speaker. My only complaint is that the SBUS needs a separate PSU, which detracts somewhat from the smallness factor, which is a big part of the attraction.

    The video is SBUS + delay + Toob with Cannabis Rex.