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    James D. Culbertson signed. Absolute flawless build. Gibson can still build great archtops. Finish like black glass. Looking inside the F-holes monster flame.
    Kind of a waste of nice wood but Vinny is very happy.

    2022 Gibson L-5-238ab26f-991d-4758-8b4a-0fdf33db3e5c-jpg2022 Gibson L-5-23b3f237-40dd-43b1-afd5-48b2f5ba61e6-jpg2022 Gibson L-5-0044e743-c5c4-475f-9f64-60affb7822aa-jpg2022 Gibson L-5-089479bb-26b6-40f3-ba49-6c0e1cff10a4-jpg2022 Gibson L-5-45369889-1b41-4df8-b69b-641a6d60e253-jpg2022 Gibson L-5-bdbee0b1-3fb2-421c-b066-4dc37428f0e7-jpg2022 Gibson L-5-8466c304-4bdc-4621-b044-66daeae3d571-jpg
    Attached Images Attached Images 2022 Gibson L-5-53203d9c-917c-45cc-b190-eed520e93d32-jpg 


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    2022 Gibson L-5-78907ef7-1460-4c20-bbd3-824c22bdf87a-jpg2022 Gibson L-5-517dc942-747d-4aa0-8717-0726ee2a5bcb-jpg2022 Gibson L-5-7d2cf7be-d968-4969-9023-3e02020fda3a-jpg

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    STUPENDOUS! I hope you have many years of enjoyment from it.


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    Beautiful! Enjoy and make her sing. For many years!

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    Wow - that is elegant for sure. Glad to hear Gibson is still producing such gorgeous Archtops. You must be on Archtop cloud 9 Vin.

    Enjoy the day with your new aquistions....

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    Awesome. Looks great.

    Hope it plays and sounds great, too.

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    VInny you are having bit of sensory overload today be careful. That black with the gold is inviting for sure, maybe not my first choice but you can always just pick up the other L5's if you get tired of the black. It is stunning and you have done well. A Super 400 and L5 in the same week, go Vinny go!

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    Black Gibsons with gold hardware have an allure all their own. Les Paul said of the early Custom that "the idea was to make it look like a tuxedo" (paraphrasing). Class all the way!

    Really nice guitar, Vinnie! Congratulations, and play it in good health!

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    Just got off the phone with my bro. Guys he is numb over this. The last couple of days have been a blessing for our guy.
    He has been through more than most people can withstand. This is his reward for, "a life well lived". And that is an understatement.
    I am so happy for you Vinny.
    Elegant is the best way to describe this guitar. Vinny will be playing music for God on this guitar. How fitting. Next to God is the love his life. The Mom he lost not long ago. She made these guitars happen for you bro. In every possible way. And Gods grace made EVERYTHING happen.
    This is as happy Vinny can be on this earth, without his Mom.
    Enjoy this bro. And play music for God and your Mom.

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    uff that is sweeet, congrats!

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    Hubba, Hubba.

    At my age looking at pictures of your new guitar may actually be better (well almost ) than looking at pictures of a hot chick in the buff.

    Congrats again.

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    I love the smell of fresh nitro in the morning…..

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    That is a real beauty, an ebony L5 has style. So happy for you that your 2022 guitar is in great shape, enjoy your guitar for many years to come in good health!

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    no pic of the entire guitar, that is cruel.

    happy black L-5 day, it is sublime.

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    hotpepper still very sorry about your black L-5. That had to be a horrible day for you.
    A long wait then your brand new L-5 arrives with a top crack. That happened to me a few years back on a L4CES. Instant nausea for sure.

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    Oh man this is guitar overload! Two NGD a day apart from each other holy cow! Congratulations Vinny, it's is a week you will not forget anytime soon!


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    Congrats! Now I need an ebony one!

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    It’s too perfect. Too beautiful. I fear for it’s current perfection. I’m in awe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gitpicker
    Oh man this is guitar overload! Two NGD a day apart from each other holy cow! Congratulations Vinny, it's is a week you will not forget anytime soon!

    Amen to that my friend !

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    Wow 2 carved top Gibsons in one day, that doesn't happen too often, closest I came was 2 blonde L-5s in 2 days
    Good on ya V1K, now you have the complete Wesmo set.....until Gibson comes up w a new stock color.

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    Great score Vinny

    Clapton had his Blackie
    Vinny has his

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    Congrats…I hope that it connects you with the music…

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    That thing is gorgeous!

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    What are you doing to us, Vinnie! My goodness, man! Too beautiful.

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    Just fabulous, vinny. I am trying to imagine the excitement of an L5 and Super 400 in the same week. I hope you got your blood pressure meds up to date! Or maybe the joy of this reduces the BP! Whatever, make some lovely music on those classic instruments and feed your soul on their beauty.