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    For my 70th, my awesome bride Ok’d a new addition. Did a long look for a GB10, and lo and behold one appeared from UPS last week. Thank you good Colleen)))

    Pictures below, but if you’ve seen on sunburst GB10, well, they are pretty similar lol. This is a 2019. It came with a tiny ding on front near the tailpiece, no biggie, I will do worse. It still had the plastic wrap on the pups and pickguard, so it sure wasn’t in much action. The weird thing is it came from Adorama camera in NYC. It didn’t show up in the usual Google searches till like three-four pages in. Excellent price, service,packing etc. They are now an Ibanez dealer.

    This may very well be my favorite of all times. Great player, one of those you do want to put down! And getting a nice straight ahead jazz tone is there, just some knob twiddling. Yet you can change over into pretty much anything. Oh yea,
    like that Benson cat))). Thinking I will sell my LGB300, it’s that good. I had one years ago and hated it. This time, I guess being (much) older I’m looking at things differently. Plus using a strap my long back doesn’t care it’s an itty bitty body.

    AND BEFORE you say the neck is too thin. It measures exactly the same as my Gibson Tal Farlow. Never heard anyone complain about that)))


    New arrival in jk land :)-9649131c-811c-4ed2-b23d-349a69eee8e4-jpgNew arrival in jk land :)-ff658765-6aaa-4a24-9b00-1f1a5f0815a4-jpg


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Very Nice!

    The Ibanez GBs tend to be great guitars.

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    That burst works perfectly with that guitar. Enjoy

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    Absolutely gorgeous burst JK! It’s such a beautiful guitar too! Congratulations JK, and play that guitar to death!

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    Lucky You!

    GB necks are a reduction of all the greatest necks, simmered into one.


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    You can't go wrong with a GB10. Great to see that Ibanez continues with their amazing build consistency.

    Play it in good health...and Happy 70th!

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    Had a colleague who had one, sold it, and regretted it ever after. It's a beautiful instrument. Congratulations, and play it in good health!

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    Congrats and may she inspire you to play like George Benson for many years to come!

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    Congratulations, jk! What a specimen of beauty. My GB10 is a natural; I think those look really great in a burst and have always had a secret hankering for one.

    Interesting observation about comparing that neck with the Gibson Tal Farlow neck; I have never played one of those but I would've expected that neck to be much bigger. Maybe just because Tal had such large hands.

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    These guitars are almost as legendary as the man who they were modeled for.
    I hope you love it.
    I always wanted be like George. I was hoping when got my GB’s it would help.
    It didn’t..
    Enjoy your beautiful new guitar. It’s getting really great around here again.
    Joe D

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    Hi and thank you for all your comments!
    I have a good respect for GB in that he’s been so style-versatile through out, and even wrote real popular songs.

    Do I keep the D’Addarios or go right to JS113? Hmmm.

    Cunamara yes, Tal’s hands were massive. Made his guitar look like a toy. I know I’ve posted this pic before but since we’re talking hand size, below you can see them. He used his thumb not just for the 6 string but 5 too, and still able to do magic chords up on 4321. I recall once him doing the barre Gminor7 on the third fret, thumb over for 6, index on 321, and put his pinky on 8th fret C. Actually could go up to D. Geez! (Yup, a young jk with his newly delivered L5. Its a beautiful honey color niw)

    New arrival in jk land :)-1a9cd1aa-6851-4f34-821c-38782685529f-jpg

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    Thankfully there is no shortage of archtops around here like the rest of the world. Looks minty. Nice sunburst. Do enjoy jk ! Congrats

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    Tal and George are my heroes. I would have walked barefoot on hot coals to spend some time with Tal. You are a lucky man jk.

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    Vinny, no more humble, warm, considerate person ever existed than Tal. I was truly Blessed to have known him. He and GB were a mutual admiration team for sure. I miss him, he was a one of a kind musician and friend.