I have a question for all who own(ed) both amps : could you please comment on the effect of the different layout of the BLU re it's lack of a separate gain control ? The BUD (and it's bigger brothers) has this and it's effect is clearly audible : with the gain turned up to about 11 or 13 o' clock (and higher with less powerful pickups) my guitars take on a darker, more trad. sounding tone , more "electric" in lack of a better description whereas with the gain off the tone becomes slighter, with more "air". I do like this feature and use it constantly but I'm wondering if it could be possible to manipulate the BLU's controls in a similar way, only without the extra gain knob ... ?
In my neck 'o the woods a used Henriksen for sale (at a decent price too) is a very rare thing but right now there's a BLU on the market that is tempting me ... as backup for my BUD and on larger stages as a supplement. Any comments and shared experiences are appreciated, Thanks !!