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    I am going to have two used guitars, and decide which I like better. I will string them with a set of Thomastik flats that I "made" to match the specs of the strings the guitar was supposed to have
    50w 39w 38w 20w 16 12 (okay... those last two are heavier)
    I don't know how they will sound and feel, but here are the differences I know. Both have Magic Touch-Mini floating humbuckers, but I plan to exercise my right-to-replace.
    Something about the wood choices and larger size made the AFC seem "better" to me. Made in China can be great, or not.
    But as for the CB10em I don't know really what it means to be a non-laminate top versus laminate.

    GB10em - Introduced in 2020, made in Indonesia, in November 2019
    AFC155 - Introduced in 2017, made in China, in December 2016

    GB10em Neck - Nyatoh, 22 frets, Walnut fretboard, acrylic block
    AFC155 Neck - Mahogany 3-piece, 20 frets, Ebony fretboard, mother-of-pearl offset block

    GB10em Body - Linden(basswood) body, Spruce top, Walnut bridge
    AFC155 Body - Flamed maple body, Spruce laminate top, Ebony bridge
    (*** Yes.. one is called laminate, the other not....)

    GB10em Body size - Length: 18?" Width: 14½" Depth: 3?"
    AFC155 Body size Length: 19½" Width: 15¾" Depth: 3?"

    When I get them, and play them, I will try my hardest to give my impressions in words of the experience of playing. Maybe I should get a timer and see how long before I get bored? I don't really have a program of testing because I have never done this.


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    I think the big difference for you will be the body size. The 155 being a larger feeling guitar than the GB10s. I have a 151 (single pickup) and its a really nice sounding axe.
    Good luck!

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    I am dubious about the body sizes I have seen online, having measured them for myself. The 155 not only feels bigger, but it IS bigger, longer, wider and deeper.

    But I had to say it, when I first played the GB10em I thought, "This is like a toy." and then I put plugged both into a direct box, into a mixer, with the volume at 90 and tone at 10. (mid up, treble down, bass flat) and all up and down the fretboard the 155 just sounded "Nicer". I am not very articulate.
    Then also I used a BOSS AD-10 acoustic preamp, and dialed in something that sounded real nice, using all the features, and really the 155 just was clearly better. I wonder, have the pickups changed from 2016 (155) to 2019 (GB10)? I want to isolate my preference to just the physical guitar. The 155 is clearly heavier, with the GB10em weighing less than 6 pounds.
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    Yes, not surprised the 155 wins that battle)))
    Well in comparing a full size HB on the 155 to a mini HB on the GB10EM, there’s going to be quite a difference. Adding both the larger body size of the 155 plus its full sized HB it should be closer to a trad jazz guitar sound.
    My 151 is the 155 with a neck mounted mini HB. I couldn’t stand the sound of it so I routed out and put a full size HB in neck position. Woke that guitar up!