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    I'd like to try and keep this thread about Sadowsky only if I may.
    Having said that:

    I currently own the Jim Hall model and am very pleased with it.
    I'm also considering adding an SS-15. My question is, is there enough of a tonal difference between the two to justify both?



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    Having never tried either, I would expect the body thickness and neck wood difference to be significant enough for me to prefer one over the other.

    As a 2-guitar quiver for myself I would probably look at a combo of SS-15 and an L-5 maybe. A nice 335 or a Tele for the 3rd.

    These things are very subjective though...

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    Interesting you should mention an L-5. I owned a CES for 7 years and eventually sold it. I just couldn't get used to the size as I found it uncomfortable. The Jim Hall was a perfect fit and the tone didn't disappoint despite the laminated top.

    I also have a 1959 RI 335 and a Sadowsky Tele since you mentioned those as well. Perhaps my quiver is well rounded enough without adding a SS-15.

    Thanks for the reply

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    Hehe, well, in that case SS-15 might fit nicely in-between the 335 and Jim Hall

    Nothing wrong with the laminate! Switched from a carved archtop to ES-175D a few month ago, not looking back.

    I tend to really like what the thinline hollow body does to the sound and feel compared to the full depth. Wondering if the body resonance between the SS-15 vs JH would be similar to that of 330 vs 175...

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    I asked Roger this and he replied back just now saying that when amplified, there is virtually no difference between the JH and SS-15. That only when played acoustically will you notice a difference.

    So, I guess I'll probably pass on adding the 15. I was just wondering if anyone here had first hand experience.

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    FWIW, I use a Sadowsky Jimmy Bruno model, size wise kinda halfway between the Jim Hall and the SS-15. Been my main jazz axe for over 10 yrs now. Always tempted to get an SS-15, but I like the extra fret neck on the Bruno.

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    I guess it all depends on your musical needs? If you don’t need an all around guitar to cover Rock, Blues, etc. And your happy with the neck pickup tone, go for it! I believe the SS15 is also 24&/34” as well as your Jim Hall. He used to make a small Long Scale LS15

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    If you want to add a 2 pu guitar, now there's the Frank Vignola model. It appears to be just like the SS-15 but with 2 pickups.

    Frank Vignola Model - Sadowsky Guitars

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    Quote Originally Posted by jads57
    He used to make a small Long Scale LS15
    Yeah that didn't last long, must not have been selling well.

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    The LS-15 is still available for sale new in Japan. I see about 10 new ones listed at different dealers. This one is from Ishibashi Gakki.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jabberwocky

    The LS-15 is still available for sale new in Japan. I see about 10 new ones listed at different dealers. This one is from Ishibashi Gakki.
    Yeah, but it's no longer listed on Sadowsky's site. Maybe OS that never were shipped to the US. Or just now only for the Japan market.
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    If you want a 15" but with a different sound, the Westville Corona is an alternative to consider. It is 14.8" and has a floating pickup. The top plate is a little thicker than usual to prevent feedback. I have one and love it!
    Attached Images Attached Images Sadowsky Jim Hall and SS-15 Comparison Query-westville-corona-yo-jpg Sadowsky Jim Hall and SS-15 Comparison Query-corona-yo-1807012-t1200-1-jpg 

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    I recently bought a Sadowsky Jim Hall and have been comparing it with my Sadowsky Semi-Hollow. I find the Jim Hall warmer and somewhat rounder. Of course, the Semi-Hollow has two pickups, enabling a much treblier, blues-rock tone. They are different enough, certainly.

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    I have a JH, Gibson L5 Wes, 175 (59 RI) and Ibanez GB10 and have played a Bruno. I love them all, none could really replace the others. Maybe consider the GB10 as an alternative?

    Of all of them, it has the most crossover versatility for me in terms of covering those other voices well, with the exception of rock/fusion tones… or consider the Sadowsky semi-hollow instead of the full hollow for more versatility.