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    sure looks like it's had a neck set to me, the joint line in the cutaway doesn't tell much, I've seen many like it but never seen one w/a little ridge where the heel meets the body
    seller insists it hasn't been touched but I seriously doubt it.
    also looks like the binding there is white where it hasn't been exposed all those years


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    There's some irregular whiteness on the heel cap that looks like it was abraded or struck in an upward direction. What does the join line look along the junction of the board with the top (between the edge of the body and the end of the board)? If the neck is slightly too high in the joint, that join should be opened at least a hair or two.

    Especially with that scuffing, it almost looks like the heel has been driven upward a tiny bit (which could also explain those chips just above the cap). I've never seen a neck lifted by an expanding process in the joint, and I'd expect something like fungus or other expanding substance in there to have loosened it. I guess it's even possible that the dovetail is "glued" tight by a fungus ball in there - but it's hard to imagine.

    A prior reset is probably the explanation. Are you looking at it as a potential purchase?

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    Not interested in buying, though at that price it's tempting if it were all original
    But in 40yrs of owning/examining Gibsons, I've never seen a little ridge like that where the heel meets the body.
    They wouldn't let something so obvious leave the factory like that, it's not an even ridge either, kind of slanted.
    And that exposed area of white binding tells me it hasn't been exposed to the air for 50 yrs like the rest of the binding.
    The white patches on the heel cap is probably where the yellow lacquer was clamped during the reset.
    I'd bet anything that neck was reset poorly.
    In communicating w/the seller he's now backing off as far as being certain it's untouched.

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    Do you have any more photos? Curious what the neck angle, string height, bridge height is like

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohanAbrandt
    Do you have any more photos? Curious what the neck angle, string height, bridge height is like
    1969 Gibson Johnny Smith Acoustic Electric Guitar with Original Hardshell Case | eBay

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    A lovely 3 hour spring drive through the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside, with some stops to admire the local spring activities, seems like a great way to determine the condition of this guitar.

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    Just to clarify, when I say it was reset poorly, I mean from a cosmetic standpoint. The new joint though sloppy may very well be solid structurally.
    But the cosmetic side should and seems to reflect the price. I think it started at 9k a couple weeks ago..