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    Something seems off here. The top of the headstock has a very slightly different, rounder shape at the top, it is not bound, the logo slants slightly downward instead of slightly upward, and the tr cover appears to be a bit thinner. The pickup has no cover, the ring screws are not black, and the finish color is one I've never seen. Can't figure this one out. I emailed Roger to take a look.

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    I used to have an SS 15. Yes, parts of this look right and some look wrong. Maybe a prototype? More likely a pretty good fake. Pictures don’t show much detail.
    The bridge looks like a real Sadowsky though,which you wouldn’t expect to see on a copy.
    The SS 15 is a great guitar. This example, even if it was real, is overpriced.

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    I heard back from Roger already. He thinks it might be a replaced headstock for a broken one.

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    Overpriced even if it was real. You could buy them new for about $3800 from any dealer in Japan. Shipping by Japan Post EMS comes under $200.

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