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    Planning to get the lgb30 but looking at the gb10se.......
    Better quality?

    For more progressive jazz not breezy etc,
    Thinking lgb30 would be better?
    ...not so small or not...


    A Review said the gb10se had a chunky neck and no pin ready attachment for straps..odd

    Is this right?
    My pm2 neck is extremely easy to play...
    Thx for any info


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    The PM2 is an excellent guitar and, given that it is based on Pat Metheny's preferences, probably a pretty good tool for progressive jazz (whatever that means). I would describe Pat's music as being pretty progressive, after all.

    My impression is that since the PM2 and the LGB30 are both ultimately based on the Gibson ES-175, you may not find much significant difference between them. The GB10 is going to be more different, I would think. However, for "progressive" jazz- if that means using pedals, some overdrive or distortion, etc.- I would suggest considering a semihollow instrument such as one of the Ibanez AS series.

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    Thanks for the reply!

    No effects involved at all. I was trying to say that I wasn't looking for a (too?) bright sounding guitar that was better suited to smooth jazz than of the more serious variety

    I guess more Mike Moreno or the less pop Metheny stuff

    Don't know if that is much clearer but your comments have me re thinking this as you are right about the similarity of the pm2 and lgb30.

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    I have owned a 1981 GB10 for 36 years so far; it would work fine for smooth jazz kinds of things in my opinion. After all, George did more or less invent smooth jazz. I find it to be a very versatile guitar that works well for pretty much anything. I don't play metal and I'm not a shredder, so I can't attest to that, but I've played it in the context of blues, jazz, R&B and little bit of rock 'n' roll.

    I have never seen the GB10SE so I don't know how that neck compares to the made-in-Japan models, but I will say the neck on my GB10 is the most comfortable neck I have ever played.

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    I wouldn't call the neck of any GB model chunky. I'm not sure if they are skinny either, let's just say they are fast and allow effortless playing.
    I was curious about the chinese, more affordable GB versions so I played the 10SE and the LGB30 in our local music store. I thought that both were fine guitars and if I hadn't the japanese versions already I would be totally happy to play / buy one of these.

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    Considering I already own the PM2, do you think the LGB30 would be too similar and Is the gb10se tone thinner?


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    I used to own a PM2 (now I have a PM100) and the LGB30. I'd consider the LGB to be fatter sounding than the PM2. At least mine was. It had both more thunk and growl when digging in than the PM2.

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    I never played a PM and speaking of Bensons I can only really compare GB10 and GB200 (predecessor of the LBG with a round cutaway). I would not say the GB10's tone is thinner than the 200. It's different but I would not say one sounds fatter than the other. The 10 to me has some more air and acoustic quality that may be due to the floating pickups. But I tend to believe that whatever guitar you play it will always sound like you. Sure an archtop with humbuckers and flatwound strings will give a different tone palette than a telecaster and with .010 roundwounds, but at the end of the day it's the player. Guitars are for us to enjoy. So my advice is: Go with the guitar you like, the one that inspires you.

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    Yes, in the end it is the player...

    Bought the GB10SE, nice tone and has actually got some thunk to it.

    Nicely made. Don't know why they don't put the front strap pin at the factory but all in all very nice tone, not thin at all. Put some labella tapes on it and it is quite nice to play!

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    Congratulations on your new guitar!

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    Thanks, glad I went with the GB10SE and not the LGB30 in the end. Too close to the PM2. but still the LGB30 seems to be another solid Ibanez choice

    BTW, the neck is not at all "chunky" as reviewer described.