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    Ibanez websites indicate 3 5/8" body depth for most of archtop guitars I checked (I did not check all of them)..

    Nevertheless when tried a few at the shop I could even without measurement see that they were more shallow..
    Turned out to be 7 mm.
    That is under 3 inches
    (And those were also models listed on their site as 3 5/8" body depth)

    There was no GB models... on video they look rather deep.

    My question is does anybody have experience with Ibanez archtop that really do have deep 3 5/8" or around body?

    Thank you


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    Not that I can think of. The GB200 has about the deepest at 3 3/8”.

    Ibanez archtop body depth-464421a7-3bfa-4333-9301-cd0f128f5200-jpeg
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    My GB10se is 2.5" deep

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    Might be total depth rather than depth at rims, despite what their diagrams show.

    Danny W.

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    I think the Ibanez body depth measurements are not the rim measurements, but the distance from the highest point of the arched top to lowest parts of the arch on the back

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    Often times the information on the Ibanez website is just wrong or misleading - I jokingly call it lost in translation.

    I own a number of GB10s which are 2.5 inches at the rim.

    GB5’s GB12s, a GB15, GB200, GB40, a one off GB100 prototype in blonde and a GBY2K. Those are all 3 inches at the rim.

    My GB20 is a little over 3 inches at the rim

    each guitar has its own unique purpose and is extremely well-built.


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    Thank you guys!